He’s Worth It

I finally did it. I now have a picture of Richard Armitage as my laptop background image. Most of you are probably thinking, “WTF? I have Richard’s picture on every device I own. and I even add him to my friend’s devices when they’re not looking”. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer.

that's for putting your smirking mug on my phone!
that’s for putting your smirking mug on my phone!


I don’t buy a lot of movie merchandise or display it much. Having Pop! Thorin on my mantle is so out of the ordinary for me, it makes me laugh each time that I see it! So I’ve resisted the (very strong) urge to have Richard as my background image for quite awhile. My husband occasionally uses my computer and teases me for whatever is on it. That’s not exactly true, he doesn’t use my computer he fixes it. I’ve always been jinxed when it comes to electronics, computers especially. If something is going to go wrong with any of the countless media devices in our household, odds are that it will be mine.

me every.single.day.
me every.single.day.


Normally I have nature images as my background but recently I’ve had a pic of Jamie Fraser in period costume. It’s a compromise of sorts since there’s a nice bit of natural Scotland in there as well. I can get by with a picture like this with little to no teasing because it’s of a fictional character. The fact that it’s not historically accurate though has been bothering me.

no Tree Farms in 18th century Scotland, afaik
no Timber Farms in 18th century Scotland, afaik


I do have a picture of Richard on my keychain (that my kids tease me about), as well as a Crucible poster on my wall….in the laundry room. But the background image on a device that I use every day is a little different. I need to feel connected to it. When I ran across this image of Richard a few weeks ago, I found myself going back to it again and again. It comforts me for some reason, makes me feel good, lighter somehow. And that’s a feeling I’ll endure teasing to keep.



* my computer suddenly turned off for no discernible reason while writing this post…


20 thoughts on “He’s Worth It

  1. Welcome to the fold then *ggg*. I actually reinstated my laptop background pic of RA while I was away travelling. Not sure why – I guess I needed to see a familiar face. I am willing to take the rap for that. And hey, the pic you chose is really nice! I liked all the pics from that session…

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  2. I have the duo-image of John Proctor and Hubby side by side on the desktop at home. Can’t be blamed- Hubby put it there as a joke last summer. It *somehow* stayed there. Lol. Work computer is a collage of RA and puppies. So it’s sort of veterinary-related! Lol

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  3. Dude — we can TOTALLY photoshop Richard Armitage into a Scots landscape for you 🙂

    I don’t have Armitage pix on my desktop, but my office is so full of Thorin that everyone knows about it now 🙂

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  4. The screen on my desktop changes every 30 seconds to a new RA picture or collage. There are so many awesome pictures of RA I couldn’t choose just one.I am the only one who uses the computer but occasionally my son will make a comment when he walks by 😉


  5. welcome to the dark hole 😉 That was almost my first symptom of fandom, i needed to see him everywhere, so on he went on my phone and desktop. I still have the same Thorin picture on, but maybe now more than 9 months down the line it is time for a new one.

    I like the one you chose, the eyes seem to smile ever so slightly even if the lips don’t ;p)

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  6. I commiserate with your feeling of a connection with a photo. I keep going back to the same photo as a screensaver on my cell. Same with my laptop. Love the photo you chose but there is another one I wish I could share with you. It’s proof that God created Richard in His own image.


      1. I can’t figure out how to link it or copy it into this box. BUT I still have your email from when I submitted my bit for The Thorin Project, so I’ll email it to you. It’s not that it’s particularly special. There are so many pictures of him that hit me like a ton of bricks. But when this one popped up on my screen really large, the voice in my head said, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” There was something Biblical about his eyes; as if he saw his creation and it was good. That’s when I thought, Richard Armitage is proof that God created man in His image. I think I’m going to have to look out for lightning bolts now.
        Speaking of The Thorin Project, how did that go? I may have missed a post as to how that fared.


        1. no, you didn’t miss any updates on The Thorin Project. Guylty and I really didn’t expect any contact from Richard in regards to it. if he responds to us then he has to respond to everyone who sends him something, and I imagine that would be a full time job! it was nice back in the day when he was able to send personal Thank Yous but we didn’t do it for that, we intended it to be a no strings attached gift 🙂 Guylty and I did intend to share some shots of the finished project with you all though. now that she’s back from her NZ adventure, we’ll have to sort that out!

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  7. In 2005 RA wore a Vivienne Westwood kilt for a magazine shoot. It was solid white so not really the same look. Google “Richard Armitage kilt” and it is the first picture. It was a group shot in You Magazine but it seems to have disappeared from richardarmitagenet.


    1. yes, that’s the shoot where he’s dancing around and we never really get a clear shot of the kilt (the first one in Google images with the wrist band is a manip). it’s a modern one though and I generally prefer traditional, if I wanted to see him in a kilt at all (some can pull that look off and some can’t. I’m not convinced Richard could)


    2. yes, of course, I had forgotten about that one.

      There’s another manip of him in a white kilt (not that one) that makes the rounds periodically so make sure to be on your guard. As I recall Jas made that manip because she liked the traditional motif as well.


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