He Found It

In my last post I talked about how picky I am with the background images I choose for my computer because my husband teases me about them if they’re fangirl related. You think I’d be used to the teasing by now- when I was an early teen, my favorite band was Def Leppard. My mother and brother thought it was great fun to sing the hit song “Love Bites” in an Elmer Fudd voice outside my bedroom door, in the background when I was talking on the telephone, when they dropped me off at friend’s houses… It got old real fast.

when you make wuv, do you wook in the miwer..

when you make wuv, do you wook in the miwer..


This past weekend I hooked my laptop up to the flatscreen tv so that my husband and I could watch The Crucible. Unbeknownst to us, our son was downloading an update to one of his games, slowing down the internet connection so that it kept buffering every two minutes.

do you think we might have overreacted?

do you think we might have overreacted?


He only had 20 minutes left to go, so my husband was switching it back to regular tv while we waited…and my computer desktop image showed up right there in his face. He jumped like he’d seen something really offensive and then whined, “ah, now he’s there too?!”



I told him that he could put an actress on his computer screen so that we’d be even. better yet, he could start a blog about her and I could help him! My mind went blank on actresses to suggest though. Jennifer Lawrence would be fun but he’s already got one clown to deal with, he doesn’t need two.



He suggested Sandra Bullock, who he despises. umm. you’re supposed to pick someone you like. 

Bollocks for Bullock

Bollocks for Bullock


14 thoughts on “He Found It

  1. LOL. You know what – same thing happened to me yesterday. I put on a slideshow of my NZ pics on our TV via my laptop. I carefully opened the picture folder *before* I attached the laptop to the screen so that my screensaver (my trusty old B/W from Berlin) would not show. Only to stupidly close the folder at the end of the slideshow. BAM – and Armitage appeared in XXL format on the TV. CRINGE!!! But hey, OTOH it’s at least out in the open. I hate having secrets from my beloved. And I actually *wish* he’d hanker after some actress. Like you said – at least then we’d be even.
    PS: Anti-Bullock? Awww. I quite like her… Why doesn’t he?

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    • we are two peas in a pod sometimes! as for Bullock, I don’t know if it was Demolition Man or Speed that turned him off; probably a combination of both. what’s funny is that a good friend of mine looks a lot like her, people tell her so all the time, and it drives her crazy 😀


      • *ggg* Well, I am glad I am not alone 😉
        As for Bullock – I probably have a soft spot for her because she is half German *gg*. And hey, there are worse things than looking like Sandra Bullock (says the woman who has been likened to Barbra Streisand *arrrrgh*)

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  2. husband is currently trying to fix my computer once again (I’m on a diff’t one) he’s getting all stressed out, so I told him just to look into Richard’s eyes and everything would be okay. he refused.

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  3. i do that at work! try to not show my desktop only to touch the mouse and there we go… giggles all around and questions of: who’s this guy? Normal RA is at least less shocking to people it seems that wild Thorin 😉


    • I was using the home computer for the first time in ages, instead of my laptop, and I saw that a pic of Guy was the background for my profile. my daughter walked by and saw it exclaiming, “oh, that’s cool!” (it’s long-haired Guy in his black poet’s shirt holding an arrow to the bow). now if it was of Richard, there would be the question, “is that the Thorin guy?” followed by kissy noises 🙄

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    • yes but then I canceled that out a year later with New Kids on the Block…I was a teen, trying to find my identity. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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