Statistically Speaking

Blog Introspection Challenge

4.) What’s your favorite post?


You expect me to use my memory? gah! 


A few different posts came to mind when I read this question but if I have to pick just one, I think I’ll go with the post where I explored my compatibility with Richard Armitage (and others) through the use of internet biorhythm tests and zodiac signs. It’s amusing to take these kinds of tests because I know they’re not really scientific, but it’s fun to see the results and pretend that they are. 

that's my lipstick he's wiping off his lips
that’s my lipstick he’s wiping off his lips

The biorhythm test said I was “100% Emotionally Compatible” with Richard. I’ve since referenced this statistic several times because, who wouldn’t? I also like the gifs/captions I chose to use in that post too. the one about Richard being a pig (Chinese Zodiac)  

you're such a pig! now do that again
you’re such a pig! now do that again

and the goofy one of Jennifer Lawrence doing a party trick with her mouth, to illustrate those whose Intellectual Compatibility with me was low.

party trick? Rich, I've got a lighter in my other jacket if you need it
party trick? Rich, I’ve got a lighter in my other jacket if you need it


Since then I’ve plugged in Jamie Dornan’s info into this test as well. those results ended up being: 100% Physical, 11% Emotional, and 89% Intellectual. so both Christian Bale and Jamie Dornan passed the Physical test with flying colors, why not Richard? *whines* Even Robert Pattinson got a 99%!

do you sparkle, Richard?
do you sparkle, Richard?


When it’s all said and done, being Emotionally Compatible (and a decent percentage Intellectual too) is what matters, right? RIGHT?!


2 thoughts on “Statistically Speaking

  1. I remember doing that test. It did not work out well for me.
    That was when I knew the truth of the saying:
    ‘There’s lies, there’s damn lies, and then there’s statistics’ 😀

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