Look After My Heart

Blog Introspection Challenge

5.) Which post got the most views?

When it comes to blog stats, I prefer to read between the lines a bit. Some posts get a lot of views because other people were kind enough to link or reblog them, thus bringing in a lot of new readers. 


other times, things that are said in the comment section (drama) bring people in apart from the post itself. 


I’m choosing to interpret this question as the post that received the most views in one day. so in that regard, it would be “Release”, with 696 views. In this post I was celebrating my first year of blogging by sharing a poem I wrote about Richard for the occasion. It was a little bit personal and a whole lot scary to share that poem. not only because it was in poetry form, which was a detour from my regular joking manner, but also because I was admitting personal feelings about Richard. 


I had shared personal feelings before but this time was a little different. I used to write poetry a lot during my teenage years and into my early 20’s. I saw it as a fun challenge to find the words I wanted to use, making them rhyme while still conveying the meaning I was looking for, and keeping true to the tone I had set. 

what word rhymes with
what word rhymes with “fine”? ugh. it’s just not coming to me…

it was a helpful way to work through thoughts and feelings that I felt were either too trite to admit to or too difficult to make coherent. I still enjoy playing with words but I don’t write them down in poetry form as much anymore. so doing so this time, made me feel very vulnerable. 


The response I received was overwhelming, in a very gratifying way, and so now the poem has become doubly special to me. 


The symphonies he frees in me

will always find a dance 

❤ ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “Look After My Heart

  1. I remember that when I read this the first time, I felt like it was a real departure for you. Definitely moved a lot of readers, too.

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    1. I’ve been meaning to share more of my poetry on my non-RA blog but it’s scarier for me than just talking, for some reason. I need to do it though, I suspect it will be freeing.

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  2. I must have missed this poem… it looks like it was written when I was just starting to lurk the RA blog scene. LOVE the poem! So glad for this blog introspection challenge, drawing my attention to all kinds of great stuff I missed. =)

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    1. yeah, I’m not the greatest at promoting myself. as I prepare to “look back” in my regular posts, I need to remember to link more of the older material 🙂


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