A Dying Art

Blog Introspection Challenge

6.) Which post continues to give?

The post that seems to get viewed the most on this blog concerns Richard’s messages to the fans, “My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter”. It makes me happy that this is the one that everyone comes back to (or views for the first time) because I have a special place in my heart for those fan messages. I didn’t discover them myself until my fascination with Richard was well underway but when I viewed them for the first time, I fell…

"if you could either reduce the font size when you print 35 to something completely illegible, or just say early 30's that would be great"

“a huge thank you to everyone for those Birthday Greetings, however if you could either reduce the font size when you print 35 to something completely illegible, or just say early 30’s that would be great”


They’ve become the basis for who I think Richard is, apart from his film roles and professional life. They show a considerate, friendly man with a sense of humor that I adore. he chose to acknowledge every gift that was sent to him, making it clear how grateful he was for the support that his fans gave him.

" I will be so 'well read', drunk, fat, warm and sweet smelling thanks to your generosity."

 “I will be so ‘well read’, drunk, fat, warm and sweet smelling thanks to your generosity.”

Richard tried to mix things up a bit with playful scenarios that related to what he was filming at the moment, and his sentiments always made it seem like he was talking to a group of close friends. I may not have been around at that time but somehow I feel that I was included in the group of friends that he was writing to. My baby just wrote me a letter, and I will go back to it again and again when I want to feel close to him.



I have horses to ride, outlaws to capture and torture to inflict!!! 

Until next time 

Richard X

9 thoughts on “A Dying Art

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, those letters are fabulous. I did experience an immediate reaction when I first saw Mr. Thornton, and I’m sure I’d appreciate just about anything he’s been in, but I can’t help but think I wouldn’t have become quite so preoccupied with RA if it weren’t for falling in love with those letters. And this was one of your posts I most enjoyed, too. =)

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    1. I feel the same way about the letters. they showed us a different dimension of Richard, and while his acting roles are impressive and worthy of celebrating all on their own, this personal side of him was something more altogether.


  2. Lovely posts – this one and the letters post. And you do realise that by posting that top gif of Guy you have ruined any chance of me being productive today… Sigh. 😉

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  3. I love the letters and the person they reveal. I think he’s tried to show that person on twitter, but at the best of times twitter is like being in the middle of a giant nursery full of children who either all want to be the center of attention or are trying to get the attention of one person or both.
    The problem for RA is that among these ‘children’ are some harshly judgemental pseudo-grownups who tear him down for every little thing, or creepy types that ask inappropriate questions and read too much into his every keystroke.


    1. it’s hard to get humor across on Twitter. it has to be sharp but not too short and not too long and if it’s in any way an inside joke then someone, somewhere will take it the wrong way…better to save the humor for press day interviews 🙂

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