On Second Thought

Blog Introspection Challenge

9.) Which post do you regret writing?

“Words”, because it’s stupid! It’s in line with the type of thing that I would send to those who have known me forever and are used to my dorky ways. I’m not sure some of my readers were ready for that yet.



Sometimes I will send e-mails where I only communicate with song lyrics, or I make everything rhyme. one time I sent my pen-pal a ransom note, complete with text cut from magazines, requesting payment in chocolate if he ever wanted to hear from me again. I’ve sent fake telegrams, memos, and corresponded through fake personal assistants–like Richard’s “Spooksperson”. 

MTB. I keep telling you...
MTB. I keep telling you.


so when I was experiencing writing block and feeling dissatisfied with the atmosphere around me, I reverted back to that way of communicating-without-really-saying-anything, including annoyingly long children’s song lyrics (with random words of my own thrown in) because I felt like I had to post something. I really just wanted to post gifs of Harry. next time I’ll try to listen to that first instinct. well, maybe not the first instinct; safer to stick with the second.



⭐ if you haven’t read Richard’s interview with Cybersmile yet, go dew it! it’s very much in line with my way of thinking and a welcome reminder of why I continue to admire this man.


4 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  1. Interesting that you named “Words” as your big regret because I kind of liked it. It felt like you were letting off steam. I think I suggested taking a break and having a few drinks at the time. If you do decide next time to go with your 1st impulse, a blog of GIFs about Harry isn’t that bad of an idea. Such a gentle kind soul.
    I read the Cybersmile interview earlier. It left me a bigger admirer than I was before. Perhaps because I still don’t see the point of Twitter. Who can think in 144 letters? Half the entries make no sense. I don’t watch any of the reality shows anymore because there is so much rudeness and bad behavior. I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy and some other shows for the same reason. I can watch Jerry Springer if I want to practice that kind of voyeurism. And he’s right about the lack of civility being covered up with an “I tell it like it is, man” attitude. So much for a kinder, gentler world.

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    1. “letting off steam” is exactly what I was doing. you get me, you really get me *sniffles* it was somewhat of a departure in tone though so I understand why it left others scratching their heads. generally my first impulse puts my mind in the gutter, so I need to keep an eye on that 😉

      I loved the Cybersmile interview! it was nice to get so many of his thoughts all in one place. I needed to hear him say those things, not only as a reminder of who he is and why I admire him but also as a form of personal validation. being labeled as nice, sweet, etc. can often feel like a backhanded compliment. not that I’m full of sunshine or rotting people’s teeth with my personality but there is so much distrust these days, the thought of saying something nice to someone without an ulterior motive or agenda, can be rare. when I try to stay positive, I feel like I’m getting patted on the head like a cute puppy. I try not to preach about what anyone should or shouldn’t do b/c I’m wandering around into walls half the time myself but I hold back and think twice before I give someone a simple compliment “just because” or send virtual strangers notes of encouragement, b/c I’m afraid it will end up doing more harm than good in the current atmosphere. that’s going against who I am and it ends up making *me* feel distrustful as well. I don’t like it 😦

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      1. I sent a meme to RA which I might have to send to you: “You can’t make everyone happy. You are not pizza.” The note I sent along with it said, “Life is better when you’re laughing. If something doesn’t make you smile, move on. ” I was bullied when young about my oversized nose (which a basketball took care of later, nice when insurance also takes care of a cosmetic fix) and, although I no long care what most people think of me, sometimes the shy little girl wanting to be part of the crowd still rears her head. The hard part for young kids is for them to realize it does get better. I watched the Cybersmile video about finding your voice. I did that. I found I was funny…sometimes not intentionally, but no one knew that. People laughing with you can’t bully you.
        BTW, some of us love the gutter. There’s so much humor down here, especially when thinking about our Man. Let’s face it, when he looks at you he’s like tequila, your clothes fall off.

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        1. “People laughing with you can’t bully you” you discovered my secret 😉 but yes, you can’t make everyone happy and the sooner you accept that the better, IMO. Richard is just going to dig himself deeper and deeper with the people who are finding fault with what he said in that interview (and his tweets afterwards) and it’s going to end up taking away from his message; I’ve experienced that here, more than once 🙄 this is all supposed to be directed towards the younger fans online anyway, those who don’t have the life experience to know not to engage bullies. those who don’t fully realize what black and white words can do to someone- how it can impact their lives, both for the better and for the worse. guarding your reputation online is something that is always at the back of my mind as well. I want the freedom to be me in any given moment but I don’t want to look back on it later and think “OMG, I’m such a jerk! or self-absorbed, or I hope so-and-so never sees that, etc.” maybe that’s not important to some people, and if that is the case then I would say: that message was not meant for you. we don’t have to agree with everything Richard says, just like we don’t have to agree with each other all the time either. what I think we do need to do though is remain respectful, open-minded, and to let each other do the good in the world that we can do.

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