A Feel Good Place

Blog Introspection Challenge

11.) Your favorite aspect of blogging

When I see others enjoy, or benefit from, something that I made. while I primarily blog for me, as in the topics that I choose or what I say, it wouldn’t be nearly (if at all) as fun or meaningful without all of you. 

friends don't let friends fangirl alone
friends don’t let friends fangirl alone

As a commenter, I often feel a sense of relief when a blog post opens the door to talk about things that I have been pondering. as a blogger, I hope I can provide an atmosphere where others are able to do the same. the tone of this blog is generally light, but maybe things won’t seem as scary to discuss because of that– like we’re just throwing around ideas, instead of solving weighty matters. 

throwing ideas
weighty matter: how to discipline your child when he breaks your mother’s fine china

As different as we all are, we come together in our enjoyment of the characters that Richard portrays. some of them we relate to, bond with, while others leave us scratching our heads. the ones I see myself in may be the ones you can’t wrap your head around. in sharing our simple likes and dislikes we’re often hearing the other side without realizing it, considering things we may have never given much thought to before. comment threads that start out admiring the eyes, debating clothing choices, questioning story arcs etc. can transform into sharing personal struggles regarding failed relationships, body image issues, career changes, and any number of things that we wouldn’t normally offer up for discussion. 

all Mullets are not created equal
all Mullets are not created equal

I think the majority of the time we’re just having a laugh or a smile together, which can help free us from the stress that weighs us down on a daily basis. so when I see others say that they like coming to this blog because it’s a friendly place or that they look forward to my posts because they make them laugh and that makes them feel good, I’m like the Grinch whose heart grew 3 sizes, giving him the strength of 10 Grinches plus two! 

that sounds suspiciously like Math
that sounds suspiciously like Math…

10 thoughts on “A Feel Good Place

  1. Yes, agree wholeheartedly… I’m a coward I’m afraid and when subjects stray into dodgy territory and start getting nasty I’m out of there. That’s just not what I’m here for. Mullets, now, that’s another matter – lovely gif! Thanks! 🙂


      1. I’m glad you’ve correctly identified a mullet and thus helped the fanning masses. This is an important step in public education. In the past decade or so it’s been incorrectly identified as almost any longer hairstyle. Iirc the original definition, it was ‘business in the front, party in the back’.


  2. Your blog definitely is a friendly place. I don’t think I have seen any negativity here at all, and that’s quite a feat! Hope you continue to keep it thus – and thank you for giving us the opportunity to smile and laugh with you! Much needed and much appreciated!


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