A Personal Approach

Blog Introspection Challenge

15.) Any blogging role-models?


I certainly take the things that I like and admire from other bloggers and adapt them to my own style, but I wouldn’t say I have specific role-models in that regard. there isn’t one blog or one blogger that I like or admire above all others; I just soak it all in like a sponge. I tend to like the blogs that take a more personal approach to things though, put a bit of themselves in there alongside the subject they are blogging about.

me, giving of myself for Richard
me, giving of myself for Richard


I can get news and updates anywhere, but I can only get you on your blog.

I want you. not Insurance Salesman you.


..and I’ve finished another Challenge! woo-who!!



I enjoyed this challenge immensely because it really helped me look back at where I’ve been in relation to my own blog, not just my interactions in the fandom or my interest in Richard. I’m a very introspective person by nature and had been doing a lot of soul-searching prior to this challenge in regards to what direction I wanted this blog to go, as I headed into my third year of blogging. it’s been very helpful and I’ve enjoyed answering the questions a lot! I did a much more compact version of it on my non-Richard Armitage blog too.

no, I said "non". I know it's hard to fathom but there is such a thing.
I said “non”. I know it’s hard to fathom but there is such a thing!


Next time I’ll start looking back at all the RA characters, until then, here’s a fanvid of my favorite  “character” to carry you through the weekend:

(edited to add: video was removed from youtube)


11 thoughts on “A Personal Approach

  1. Totally agree about the personal level. Congratulations on finishing. I think I’ve answered all the easy questions and only hard ones are left!


  2. I love this: “I can get news and updates anywhere, but I can only get you on your blog.” Thank you for that, Kelly – very true, and a reminder that a personal touch is not a distraction but a valuable addition to blogging.
    As for role-models – in a way every blog that I read (on a regular basis) has some sort of influence on me, too, so I get what you are saying about not having a particular role model.
    Congratulations on being first across the finish line with the #BlogIntroChallenge! It was great hearing your thoughts on these things, and being allowed to learn from it and discuss it with you. You really deserve that badge now. https://guylty.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/challenge-button.jpg?w=150&h=144

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      1. As payback you render me speechless by posting that gif of Strandring becoming RA. I’m not a little wet puddle.


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