Break Time!

Before I delve into the video goodness of the interviews that took place at Comic-Con, let’s talk about a few things:


⭐ The Apparel: blue shoes, can’t go wrong with anything blue in my opinion. even this:

the force is strong with this one
the force is strong with this one

I happen to really like the grey “letter jacket” type coat. though it does remind me of when I was in High School and took to wearing my brother’s letter jacket while he was away at college. it never dawned on me that this could be boyfriend repellent. I was clueless in the dating department.

he's looking at me, right? I'm pretty sure he's looking at me
he’s looking at me, right? I’m pretty sure he’s looking at me

⭐ The Hair & Close-Cropped Beard: win/win! I’ve always been pro-Armitage beard myself, he seems more at ease when he’s wearing a beard. the hair- I like the new coiffed ‘do too. both of these are worthy of discussion but all Richard seems to want to talk about is his derriere…

hey! that's our job!
hey! that’s our job!

⭐ The Trailer:

*shocked silence*

followed closely by “DAMN IT!” I thought I was all resigned not to watch Richard’s upcoming episodes of Hannibal but after seeing that tease, how can I resist? it’s scary and sensual and disturbing and all around intriguing. the way he pops his back into place, and how eerily straight his posture is when reading the magazine, and the ball hat–I do have a soft spot for ball hats

(edited to add: the original trailer was removed, so I’ve replaced it with a similar one)


the (big) part of me that shies away from gore is still wary though, as is my sissy psyche. confession: remember when I had that disturbing dream that I was Dolarhyde and broke into my own house? when I close the windows each night now before I go to bed, I check the lock on that particular window twice and then nod to myself “so Dolarhyde doesn’t get in”. true story.

*hides under covers*

⭐ The Antics of Boyish Armitage:

throwing name card to audience member

work it, baby!

throwing toy dragon to audience member

does Richard have anger issues? he sure does like to throw things
does Richard have anger issues? he sure does like to throw things!

okay, break time’s over!

but first– Bonus pics for no reason whatsoever:





Okay, carry on.


27 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. I loved the shoes and the overall look he was sporting, too, and he seemed so laid back and having a good time. I never would have imagined I’d drool over anyone in an over-the-top star wars jacket… but that photo is just HOT! He apparently really can rock just about any fashion statement under the sun. LOL. LOVED the trailer. But yeah, a little worried about my dreamscape in the next few weeks…


    1. I’m pretty sure my brother used to have a blanket or bed sheets or something with that same Star Wars graphic, LOL! as for scaring myself silly by watching Hannibal, I’m just going to take it one episode at a time *bites nails in anxiousness*


  2. “Hey, that’s *our* job” – LOOOOOOL – spot on, Kelly! But well, he was directly playing into our hands there.
    Not sure whether I am with you on the style issues – both coiff and letter jacket + ball cap [explanation deleted a la Armitage because "destination of words" 😀 ] but casual RA is always preferable to formal RA. I certainly like that he has switched to wearing tighty tees 😀
    And yes – the trailer is a true “amuse bouche”: we’ve been given a first taste, and by the look of things we will receive a major dinner experience. And I’m not referring to peaches but to the meat that is in Dolarhyde’s schizophrenia. I am hungry already.

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    1. it’s not so much that I prefer the hairstyle over any others but just that I’m finding it fascinating for some reason. I keep looking at it and wondering if it’s cut to comb that way or if it’s full of styling product (confession: at one point I zoomed in to make sure it wasn’t a toupe). the overall look does appear nice, in my opinion, though my love for crazy eyebrows is suffering with these very stylized ones.
      I’m still wary of this Dolarhyde story/character but from an acting angle I cannot resist giving it a try. I saw someone in that trailer that was *not* Richard, and that intrigues me.


      1. I just laughed a very dirty laugh when I came to your confession re. toupe. Oh boy, that’s blasphemy, Kelly. not sure what I was looking at, but the different haircut didn’t even occur too me as such…
        Yes, that is really well put – the character in the trailer so definitely is NOT Richard. And not just because of the cleft palate. There was an insane intensity in the character, a body and mind full of tension, altogether different from the guy who’s playing him. Resistance futile 😀

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        1. eh, he’s human, he’s going to start losing his hair someday. and when that someday comes he will most definitely try to hide it. you can’t tell me he hasn’t had some kind of facial peel or something similar done as well, b/c his face is suddenly appearing a lot more youthful than it used to…I’m not being mean when I say that, just realistic.


          1. I know you are not being mean. It’s part of being in that business. Their faces and bodies are as much part of their capital as their actual talents. I am sure that he has his own regime when it comes to looking after his looks. Especially since he is somewhat billed as a hottie. Might be easier to get away with it when you are a character actor…


          2. if you’re a chef you invest in top of the line cookware, if you’re an actor you invest in your appearance. it’s only practical 🙂


          3. if you are a photographer, you invest in top equipment… the list is endless. I fully approve of any facial exfoliations that may come his way :-D. Not too many though, please, I wouldn’t want to see the nose scrubbed down even further than now…


          4. I like his youthful appearance as of late, so I’m not complaining! some fans think it’s not polite to talk about such things though or that it’s offensive he would even try to appear younger. he’s human in a profession that thrives on physical appearance, and we’re not blind. there’s no harm in acknowledging that.


          5. He’s always looked young – he still does. Age is kind to him, and hell, he is a good-looking, attractive man. Even a little snark here and there will not take away from that. It’s a given that we like how he looks.

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          6. Hey, don’t diss the snark. Snark adds a bit of spice when things are overpoweringly extreme. I like a snarknado every once in a while.


          7. While we’re on the topic of substitutions, do you think he had a butt double for the naked scenes from the back? 😉


      2. I’m going for, some kind of coloring in the hair, and plenty of product to keep that unruly cowlick in the back behaving. But i agree, it looks like he took time with this time and it paid off.

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        1. My son has a new cut that is similar. It helps hide his cowlicks 🙂 A friend is a makeup artist and works on photo shoots. She said Friday all three male models came in with the same cut as my son. I think it’s a trend 😀


          1. that doesn’t surprise me. he has a stylist that keeps him “hip” in the clothes department, so it only makes sense that it would extend to hairstyles as well. I liked it.

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  3. that picture of him in the crown smiling at her and his profile i’ll be able to get through Monday :-)) with a big smile! Haven’t watched video yet, ducking it on purpose, i’m steeling myself, will probably cave in by tonight…
    thanks for these :-)))) Nice Monday to you too!!


    1. yes, that pic!! it’s dreamy! the profile and the soft look on his face and the eyelashes. the cutesy look she’s giving him in return with that dainty flower crown on her head just adds to the overall feel. totally out of context, I know, but it’s sooo romantic (said in girly teenage voice)

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