Harry Jasper Kennedy

Harry Kennedy, the quintessential boy next door that moved into town and stole my heart. okay, maybe I’m the one who moved into town since I didn’t discover him until long after he first appeared in 2006 but he had me at “hello”. 



I’ve always been drawn to the boy next door type, the wholesome nice guy with the stand up character and playful personality– Harry fits that description to a T. he has a quiet demeanor, may even appear a little aloof, but is not lacking in confidence.

confident, creepster- it’s all relative


he’s laid back, casual, someone who is happy just going with the flow. he’s well read

make that fan-fiction and you've got yourself a deal!
make that fan-fiction and you’ve got yourself a deal!


enjoys taking walks and is friendly to pretty much everyone, girls and guys alike.

"...and Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man"
“…and Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man”


I liked Harry instantly, and that has never really waned. he’s not perfect but I don’t really want perfect. 

but stop the interrupting, because that shit's annoying
but stop the interrupting, because that shit’s annoying!


We don’t really know much about Harry, other than he’s an accountant who works in the city and has decided to relocate to the country and commute. he must have a decent job to be able to afford that cottage but he seems like maybe he’s become disillusioned with city life. 


what a surprise to actually receive a visit from a neighbor. I lived on the same street in London for 15 whole years and the bell never rang once.


Harry falls for Geraldine right away, as she does him, but he’s much more impulsive



while she talks herself out of it being real.



a cute story with a happy ending and a lot of endearing humor along the way.






 Harry and his story may not be deep, it may not have a lot of action or soul-searching angst, but it touches a part of me that is very real. 

that room is missing a cat...or four.
that room is missing a cat…or four.


and on days when the world turns me upside down and pulls me in opposite directions, Harry brings me back down to earth and helps plant my feet on solid ground. Life is simple, it’s people who make it complicated.


Harry is simple, he uncomplicates me.


8 thoughts on “Harry Jasper Kennedy

  1. I agree with all of this (including being attracted to the wholesome nice guy)! I already knew Richard from North & South when I heard he would play the love interest in the Vicar of Dibley. I already loved VoD as well and was thrilled when this happened, to say the least. And Richard didn’t disappoint – I love Harry!


    1. Harry is different from his other roles, so even though he’s “simple” I think it really helps show Richard’s versatility as an actor. I went from seeing Thorin to Harry- it was quite a stretch!


      1. Yeah, that is a huge difference! After seeing Richard in tortured roles it was a breath of fresh of air to see him in a role such as this. Yes, Harry shows he can do lighter stuff as well, which I love. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely and endearing blog about one of my favorite characters! I loved Harry the moment he opened the door. I, like you, discovered him well after he first appeared, but like fine wine I’d left to age, Harry came along at just the perfect moment to spark a smile in me. A perfect blend of bold and laid-back; outgoing and shy, Harry is perfect even in his imperfection. And he somehow made me adore Richard Armitage even more (if that’s even possible). 😊

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  3. You know how I feel about Harry, but I think this is a really convincing description and explanation of your reactions and it’s neat that watching this role has that effect on you.

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