Words Are Overrated



I’ve not been paying as close attention to Armitage World as I normally would as of late, due to various factors, one of which is my saving of recorded Hannibal episodes to binge-watch at a later date. so when I saw the above gif I was all like:




OMFG!! we all know our guy is a hottie but when…where…smokin hot…!@#$




20 thoughts on “Words Are Overrated

    1. I was seriously worthless for hours after seeing that gif, it was visual chaos inside my head! I sat down to write a post but couldn’t focus, it was ridiculous! one thing I know for sure: Richard, looking like THAT, is not going to win him any points in my husband’s eyes when we sit down to watch the Hannibal episodes together…

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        1. This will be particularly true when he gets together with the Woman Clothed in the Sun.
          As one particularly memorable recap said (more or less, because I’m quoting from memory), “he may be a Francis in the street, but he’s a dragon in the sheets”.
          Make really sure you can stay chill when watching that with your husband.


  1. Ha! When I first watched it I thought, imagine if he had had more than ten days to “get in shape”…As Guylty likes to say: OOOF! I’ll be watching the ‘Richard parts’ of the episode again as soon as my stuffed crust pizza is delivered. 😉

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    1. it’s clear that they’re inviting us to ogle, I mean, seriously! while part of having that kind of body for this role does have something to do with the character itself, showcasing it the way they have been does not 😉 so when words fail you, ogle away!

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  2. just a little note: I finally did see the Hannibal episode that the above gif of Richard/Dolarhyde came from. and when it was over and the tv automatically switched back to regular programming after we were done watching the recorded version, guess what was on? Back to the Future. and guess which part just happened to be playing at that time? the falling-off-the-chair scene from the gif posted above 😯 no joke. it was an odd coincidence to say the least…

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