Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal

frauvonelmdings gives some interesting insights into why I (along with other bloggers) feel a soul-connection towards Richard and choose to blog about it. you can place your Saturn on my South Node anytime, Richard…


No one knows if Mr A is really aware of the impressive amount of people blogging almost on a daily basis about him, nor if he ever reads some of the funny, encouraging, serious, oh and not to forget the NSFW-stuff 😉

Not many people are able to openly communicate feelings they have towards, or because of another person in front of – literally – the whole world. To express their support and care for that person’s actions, create artwork inspired through a ‘mere’ virtual connection – which is nevertheless obviously felt very strongly.

It’s already been over half a year now, that I’m seriously musing about WHAT forces are working ‘behind the scenes’ here. Some bloggers might not even feel comfortable if they knew for sure, that Mr A was indeed an avid reader of their blog. So, why are we doing this?

I’ve tried to explain my own…

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4 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal

    1. Your ‘Vertex is conjunct the cusp of his 7th house of relationships’? It sounds serious. (I don’t understand astrology but when it’s put like this it always sounds vaguely sexy to me. You might have guessed this 😀 )

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      1. I know! I was reading the results and almost every other line sounded suggestive to me! I wasn’t sure how I felt about us being forced into a relationship but I’ll take what I can get 😀


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