What? Who? Richard?!

I was finally able to get my husband to sit down with me this past weekend and watch the first episode of Hannibal that Richard is in. the episode was a bit of a prelude, bridging past storylines to future ones, so a lot was lost on us– I’ve read the first few chapters of the book and have seen a few episodes from the first season, so I knew enough to get us through. 

important thing to remember: Francis likes to exercise in his underwear
important plot point: Francis likes to exercise in his underwear

Husband’s reaction:I didn’t realize he had such a noticeable scar, has it always been that pronounced?” What? Who?  your guy, Richard or whatever“. first- Husband knows darn well what Richard’s name is. you can say it out loud, it won’t hurt you!

Richard *BAM!* Armitage *POW!*
Richard *BAM!* Armitage *POW!*


second- it’s not like Husband hasn’t watched Richard before. we watch all three Hobbit movies regularly, he’s seen the Strike Back episodes that Richard is in and The Vicar of Dibley ones too. he’s even watched all three seasons of Lucas North with me…


feeling defensive at my reaction to his question, Husband replied “well, I don’t spend all day looking at his face like you do!” while this may be true, one would think a massive lip scar would be memorable. I’m chalking this up to the talent of Hannibal’s make-up department, instead of Husband subconsciously blocking out Richard’s face.


Son’s reaction (he walked by and unexpectedly got pulled into watching): he loved the crime scene reenactment. the way Will sees what is presently there and then switches to an overlay showing what happened there previously. the way the blood trajectory was mapped out with red string was cool but do they really do that at crime scenes? seems like a waste of string when the same could be done a lot easier with some kind of computer program.


Son lost interest after that and went back to gaming, where he’s an arms dealer with a temper. I keep telling him that he can’t just shoot everyone that annoys him. the customer is always right! 

sure, I can get that Glock for you in purple. no problem!
sure, I can get that Glock for you in purple, no problem!

My reaction:Hannibal’s accent is hard to understand. the cannibal innuendos were kind of gross, as was Will’s cabin-so many dogs, so many soft fleshy dog bellies. 

oh no! not the dog bellies!
no! not the dog bellies!

if Francis had only had access to a home computer, he could have thrown all of that drive and creativity into photoshopping and fanvids. Bryan Fuller’s gain is 1D fandom’s loss.

Zayn 4eva!
Zayn 4eva!

and, of course, we can’t forget my most prominent reaction: must control breathing while watching exercise scenes with husband. do not blush, do not blush!


so when the discussion among us turned to which movies starred Laurence Fishburne and which ones Samuel L. Jackson (a common mix-up it seems, though Laurence will always be “Stokes” from Cadence to me), I eagerly joined in. Blush is still visible: deflect, deflect! 

hey, Honey! look at this new chair!
hey, Honey! look at this new chair!

25 thoughts on “What? Who? Richard?!

  1. LOL. As always, your captions just crack me up! “Richard *BAM!* Armitage *POW!*” Glad you made it through the episode without climaxing aloud, or any other major marital faux pas. =)

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  2. LOL – oh, you nailed it with your post, Kelly. It’s a very particular pleasure, watching Richard together with the husband. A true exercise in keeping calm under duress. Taking those little snide asides by the beloved without going into ballistic defensive mode is a real challenge. “pronounced scar” – OMG, was that your hubs being serious or has he got a particular black kind of humour? Mind you, I have been looking at the hi-res images of Dolly close-up, and the make-up is just absolutely perfect. You really can’t see that the scar is fake.
    In any case, looks as if your hubs knows more about your Richard love than you thought? The question is: Has he copped on to the Dornan secret?

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    1. Honest first reaction to ‘those little snide asides by the beloved’ was ‘RA would *never* make!… oh, it’s supposed to be people’s husbands making the asides’ 😀

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        1. This time my first reaction was ‘Holiness’ = ‘Guylty’s husband’? 😀
          I don’t know whether all singletons are this ass backwards, or only me. rofl


          1. *hahaha* No, it’s me speaking in stupid riddles. I should just spell it out rather than try and be witty. You are exonerated, Cill!!!


        2. I think we’re giving Richard too much credit here. if his girl was swooning over someone else, I think he’d playfully throw out some snide comments here and there as well 😉 and now I’m picturing Richard jealous and it’s making me smile 🙂


          1. Hell, *I* would make snide comments BIG time if my hubster so much as inadvertantly licked his lips while watching a female actor on screen 😀 A bit of jealousy is spicy. (I miss that!)

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          2. I say I want my husband to have a fav actress or female singer, etc. just to even the score a bit but if he had her pic on a keychain or poster on his wall, I’d probably bitch about it 😉

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          3. Exactly! I have trouble with myself every once in a while, realizing if my husband bought every movie and saved every pic of Angelina or JLo…. I guess it really would bother me 😛 Body insecurity, I guess….

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    2. I may have embellished Husband’s vernacular. it was probably more like “has his face always looked like that?” 😛 Husband is well aware of the Armitage love. if the blog didn’t give it away, the ends to which I tried to side-track our Scotland vacation in order to get me to London to see The Crucible did! the Dornan fascination isn’t a secret though- I straight up told him about Jamie, instead of my normal evasiveness. he doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t care. I think his exact words were “another one? I give up” 🙄

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      1. *chuckles* Well, he’s already used to it. And let’s face it: those long-suffering husbands have also already copped on that our interest in Mr A does not mean we don’t love them anymore. I think my hubster is quietly confident that he has at least one ace up his sleeve when it comes to battling Armitage for my affection: he is *real* and he is present. Armitage is not.

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  3. Lol, I made the same experience. I watched The Crucible in the cinemas with my husband (it was his birthday, I would not leave him alone). He doesn´t know who Richard Armitage is. Around us 95% woman with a glass of sparkling wine (included) and a lot of fun…..
    It was very difficult to keep calm 🙂

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  4. Hm you might be grateful around ep 10 if he pays attention even less well.. bettet exercise poket face of ice chill in the mirror until then :-):-) or watch that at least 3× alone before family viewing ‘ggg’
    Loove those gifs particularly Guy 😀


  5. I watched the first two seasons in full and a lot of the first half of S3 was lost on me. I’m way behind myself, but at least I get to watch with one of my besties and we can ogle freely.

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  6. You are a brave soul to watch the very hot Dolarhyde with your hubby although he at least is aware of your obsession. Some friends of mine saw my phone wallpaper and immediately assumed it was a boyfriend (from their lips to God’s ears). They didn’t seem to understand why I had a picture of an actor and, yes, they had no idea who he was. I have mixed feelings about the day when he is so well known everyone will know who he is.

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