So… *insert painfully awkward small talk here*



my creativity seems to be low at the moment. I’m itching to blog about something, I just don’t know what! my mind has been occupied with holiday/family stress and all the insanity that’s been in the news lately.



To try and lighten things up, I watched Harry in The Vicar of Dibley yesterday and then followed that up with an array of fanvid favorites, but it failed to pull me out of my funk.

‘you really must watch me more than once!’


I’ve convinced my daughter to watch LOST with me, from the beginning, so we’ve been binge watching it when she gets home from school. it’s hard not to ambush her with 6 seasons worth of knowledge though.

I can’t tell you!


So I thought that opening up communication with all of you might help, because rambling on in the comments can be it’s own kind of magic!
truer words have never been spoken


what is the RA go to subject you turn to when in need of escape?

jeans. always the jeans.


is there something non-RA related that can always make you smile? 

Christian Bale dancing. every time.


what kind of things do you wonder about?

will Richard feel this way about The Hobbit?


*all subjects welcome, but I should probably warn you that my stress trigger words at the moment seem to be Mother/Brother/Dog. use with caution.



a quote from the Hannibal commentary, to start us off:

that was one of my very first shots as well, so i was kind of, firstly, very nervous about joining a new crew and about being naked in front of a new crew in minus fifteen temperature where your body isn’t gonna necessarily look its best.  but they were very good to me. I asked for a fluffer, but one didn’t arrive  – Richard Armitage


cheeky Armitage is alive and strong!



37 thoughts on “Ho-Hum

  1. What did he want fluffed????
    Ok, so go-to Armitage stuff to drag me/you out of the funk? It’s actually not a role, it’s the man in his own words. I like reading his old messages to his fans. For that reason I have even kept the last one from Xmas 2014 on the side bar of my blog. Not sure if that helps.
    Otherwise all the best with the run-up to Chrimbo. I haven’t had time to feel festive yet… totally snowed under… work, that is.

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    1. what did he want fluffed? he was naked so you do the math…

      reading back through the fan messages is a great idea! I have them downloaded for my own reading pleasure so I’ll do that while I eat my lunch.

      it takes me awhile to get into the Christmas spirit every year, usually not until Christmas eve! everything’s so busy and commercial these days, it’s easy to lose the magic :/


      1. But that’s exactly the point. What is there to fluff if he was naked? Pubic hair??? Honestly, I don’t get it. I may have to look up the word ‘to fluff’, though.


          1. I learned that from someone more “worldly wise” today too 😀 My recurring thought was – if I had only known such a career path was possible….Richard, Richard, all the wasted years XD

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  2. OMG…he said that?! LOLOLOLOL!!! The ABC must be in a dead swoon about now. Naughty Richard peeks out again 😀

    I get inspiRAtion from the oddest places, so I’m not sure how much help I am. I usually start paging through sculpture catalogs or Latin poetry…*sigh* Permanent nerd!

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    1. speaking of sculpture, I was talking to my son about art this morning. it started in relation to music and why radio stations censor certain words, yet you can go to the art museum and see naked statues. then that led into “what is art” and who gets to judge, etc. it was a very surreal conversation to be having with my 15 yr. old at 7 o’clock in the morning!


  3. Sorry I got distracted by the fluffer thing (wonder why?? 😀 I find Youtube fan videos to be great at cheering me up 🙂 🙂 especially those by Girl of Gisborne & HeathDances…… I love to watch music vids on YT anyway, but Richard ones I kind of hold in reserve for when I need them 🙂

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    1. I have a folder of fav fanvids that I can get to quickly in emergencies 😎 in all fairness, I was watching project themed ones the other day and, let’s face it, Richard doesn’t have a lot of happy-go-lucky characters in his repertoire. I should’ve been watching the multi-character/Richard based ones- “sexy back 3” is always good in a pinch

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  4. since we’re talking about cheeky armitage: you know the bit from the Extended Edition where he says “we’re in a train of a couple of hundred dwarves. that’s all that’s left. with only three dwarf women. that’s all we’ve got left to populate…the entire dwarf nation of the Blue Mountains…” and then he slaps Tami on the ass? I’ve always wondered if he meant “train” as in the line of dwarves that are hiking across the landscape OR “train” as in the sexual practice of waiting in line to have a go at the same girl, one right after the other. things that make you go hmm

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  5. Ah, go to Richard cheer – that would be Vicar of Dibley for me as well and North & South. A little less cheerful but what I do keep watching are bits and pieces in Strike Back and John Proctor and Elizabeth kissing in The Crucible. 🙂 I think he needs to make a few more feelgood movies…
    I also like watching some fanvids or fun interviews and listening (on repeat) to him sing Misty Mountains. Sometimes it’s just flicking through pics… Occasionally I read fanfic, although that’s been a while. Enough stuff to enjoy.
    Oh, and I had never heard of a fluffer before! The things one learns through liking Richard Armitage! 🙂

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  6. Harry is usually my go-to when I need a lift. The Popcorn Taxi interview is a good one for me too – I lifted the audio and converted it to MP3 to have on my phone whenever I need to listen. It has the added bonus of bringing back very happy memories of that event. 🙂
    It certainly sounds like cheeky Richard is in great form on the Hannibal S3 commentary (and not only about “fluffers”!) Not a dvd I want in my collection, but, as with watching the show itself, anything for Richard. We’ve only heard him on the Robin Hood cast commentary before now, so this sounds like an absolute gem.

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      1. Love those extras Cill! Commentary has been sadly lacking where Richard is concerned. It somehow has a different feel to it than a straight up interview – more conversational perhaps. It would have been wonderful to hear him chatting with Peter and Phillipa on the Hobbit commentaries.


  7. I suppose my go-to RA is Lucas North (except S. 9 of course). I can’t say that it makes me laugh, but watching RA walk away from (and towards) the camera in tight jeans does make me forget myself and the corners of my lips do tilt up.
    If I were looking to write about something RA related I might choose something like the chef-Macbeth with James McAvoy, or Frozen or Ultimate Force, something that most people haven’t seen or I’ve only seen once (or twice).

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    1. come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve watched chef-Macbeth since I’ve been a RA fan. I originally watched it in my James McAvoy days and always meant to revisit it but haven’t. oh, I am a sorry excuse for a fan *slaps knuckles with ruler* (I don’t think I ever got around to watching all of Ian either. I should stop whining and get to work!)


  8. Sorry for the delay, swamped and catching up 🙂 Hm, sometimes just taking 10-20 moments of peace to think about him/his characters , remembering shreds of interviews, Proctor, Thorin come to mind, walking in the now closed office past the massive wall-poster of him as Lucas, sometimes just looking at Pop-Thorin on my shelf or stroking his head 🙂 I’ve not had the time to actually watch anything in a while but i do want to, but really sometimes just a moment to indulge the cinema in my head helps 🙂 Or like now, which is always the first go to, go to the blogs 🙂 Always reminds me of how happy am i stumbled over him and dropped into fandom, nice to be part of it 🙂


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