Hot for Teacher


Meet Cute

Gary Fuller


1.) What was your first impression of me?

that you may actually be Clark Kent. I’m still not 100% sure that you’re not.

I see you've checked your humor at the door...again.
I see you’ve checked your humor at the door. again.


2.) What is your idea of a truly romantic evening with me?

you’re adamant that we have a date night every weekend. no matter what we do, whether it’s going to a movie, having a picnic, or ice skating, you always wear a jacket and tie. I tease you about it but you say it’s your way of showing me how important making time for us is to you. and that you really like giving me your jacket when I get cold.

a gentleman is always prepared.
a gentleman is always prepared


3.) Something that you’d like to change in me but don’t have the nerve to tell me

when you chew gum, you sound like a cow chewing it’s cud.



4.) Which 3 parts of my body are your favorites, and why?

choose? I can’t. I won’t. and you can’t make me!

Detention with Mr. Fuller is my favorite.
Detention with Mr. Fuller? yes, please!


5.) 3 qualities that attracted you when we first met, or once you got to know me

kind, affectionate, never give up on those you love


6.) What is our favorite movie to watch together, and our favorite song?

movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

song: Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston


7.) Fruit or vegetable I resemble, and why

Potato, because Trey & Donnie say you have eyes in the back of your head

don't think I can't see you. now behave!
don’t think I can’t see you, I can. so behave!


8.) Our first date, where did it take place and what did we do?

 you had to chaperon Senior Prom and took me as your date. I told Donnie that you drank too much of the spiked punch, to explain away your dance moves. you didn’t actually drink the punch.

sweet baby Jesus
sweet baby Jesus.


9.) If we hadn’t met, where would you be right now?

late for everything.

taking into account normal traffic patterns and current weather conditions, you only have 5 minutes left to eat or you'll be late.
taking into account normal traffic patterns and current weather conditions, you only have 5 minutes left to eat before you’re late


10.) What was on your mind the last time we were intimate?

my obsession with you in wet clothes is going to get us into trouble one of these days

Trey! turn that off and get back inside! now!
Trey! turn that off and get back inside! now!


11.) What was the first thing we said to one another?

I accidentally rear ended your car on your way to school one morning. when I saw you get out of the car, I became a bit tongue-tied

*cue Heavenly choirs singing*
*Heavenly choirs singing*


you weren’t much better than me, flustered because the accident made you late for work. that’s what I gathered, anyway, from the few words I could make sense of out of your rambling. you also told me your name was Gary Morris. I must have given you whiplash, for you to have forgotten your own name! thankfully Trey was with you and took charge of things, even convincing the tow truck driver to drop us all off at the High School. the ride over was awkward, with me not being able to speak and you smiling at me like a goon.


it all worked out in the end because next thing I knew, we were having coffee together in the teacher’s lounge, chatting together like old friends. I don’t even drink coffee. or work at the High School.

Trey filmed the whole thing, of course.
Trey filmed the whole thing


12.) What do you like the best about me?

your ‘Wise Guy’ impersonation. it’s cute that you think it’s good.

badda bing, badda boom, fuggedaboutit!
badda bing, badda boom, fuggedaboutit!


14 thoughts on “Hot for Teacher

  1. Hehehe 😀 Love that gif of him getting stuff out of the back of the car… Well they’re all lovely but that one in particular looks less daddish somehow 😉 And the hug…. 😍 Your answers, as always, are brilliant 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Man. A colleague like Fuller, and I would not have quit the teaching profession! His taste in gear is pretty abysmal, but then again, that’s part of the job description *hehe*. In any case, your answers are great, as usual, and I applaud your powers of observation! Two hours of Fuller – and the picture is really full. Could it be any Fuller? Nah, you’ve nailed him!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. my “powers of observation” can be really annoying when watching a movie with me 🙄 but here, my observations are free to reach their full potential! 😀


  3. ‘moo’ 😀 that man can chew with determination.. it’s .. fascinating to say the least 🙂 As is the dancing! The one where he stands and no glasses , something in it makes me hear the heavenly singing too!
    My appreciation of Mr Fuller has been growing with time 🙂
    And this is great, as usual 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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