Laces Optional

When I first saw the behind-the-scenes pics/video of Richard filming ‘Berlin Station’ wearing Converse brand All Star sneakers without laces, I was intrigued.


how did they stay on without slipping if there were no laces? I’ve worn similar shoes throughout the years and when I leave them untied, they flop around all over the place! over the next few days whenever I saw these pics of Richard in the shoes, I would ponder. then I saw a candid of Christian Bale in Converse brand All Star sneakers without laces


…what? this was too much of a coincidence. off to Google! and what I found is that Converse now makes ‘Chuck Taylor All Star Slips’


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip offers our iconic Oxford silhouette, but renders laces optional with an effortless, slip on design. Easy on, easy off. The washed canvas gives it a well-worn, lived in look. The classic All Star heel patch, vulcanized rubber sole, brushed metal eyelets, reinforced rubber toe cap, padded footbed and cultural authenticity remain intact.



and now it all makes sense! Just another day in the life of a fangirl.


17 thoughts on “Laces Optional

  1. Thanks for doing the investigative stuff for us! Now we know!! Doesn’t he look gorgeous in that white shirt? πŸ˜‰ Dare I say that I’m liking the hint of “chesticles” under it?

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    1. yes, I love that pic! I really like the way he’s bending a bit, so that it emphasizes his trim stomach and pulls the shirt against his torso. and the way his arms are bent and his foot is dangling off the step. and the sunglasses and and…

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      1. the All Stars seem to stay classic, as far as I’ve seen. it’s when you venture outside that model and get into the regular Converse that things get scary. like double & triple tongues with loud designs, and that elongated toe that makes it look like I’m wearing clown shoes. ugh. I had to take my last pair back b/c I practically had to use a shoehorn to get them on and then once I did they slid around in the heel. truthfully I didn’t really mind though since I was stepping outside of my comfort zone with the Magenta color, instead of the classic black or navy blue. daughter wanted me to get teal. do you not know me?! πŸ˜€


  2. Have to confess not not noticing the shoes much πŸ™‚ Wonder why πŸ˜‰ I assumed they had same coloured laces, seen several pairs around here i liked. Weird the lace-less once but i guess comfortable? It’s a nice colour combo though πŸ™‚


    1. it’s understandable that you didn’t notice the shoes, with what the rest of the photo had to offer πŸ˜‰ I always notice men’s shoes though, I don’t know why. just like them, I guess. and given some of Richard’s choices in the past, it can be an exciting experience πŸ˜€

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  3. Fan forensics *yay*. Thanks for that – interesting. Although I have to confess I don’t see the point of this “tie-less” design… Kind of gimmicky… But I like a sporty shoe on the Armitagean foot. Makes him look young πŸ˜€ And I’m a huge fan of converse – although I prefer my chucks to be a bit more adventurous in pattern πŸ˜‰ (mine have a cutesy-cute ladybird design on them – yes, I’m a girl).


    1. the point of the tieless design is that we’re lazy πŸ˜‰ truthfully I’m not sure if I would really like the fit of them. I’m a half size to begin with and my stores only seem to sell Converse in whole sizes, so they don’t fit me as well as I would like them to. I would think this laceless version would have to be tighter on the top of the foot, which wouldn’t work w/me b/c I have to practically unlace the whole shoe in order to get it on b/c my foot raises up there due to my high arch underneath. plus, I’m a big fan of the classic black Converse w/the wide white laces. so I’ll leave the adventurous footwear to Richard πŸ˜€


      1. Well, let’s see if this look pops up again in the future. If Richie is still in the business of buying up costumes from his shows, it might reappear because he sure looked fine in the outfit… shoes included. (He can ditch the watch, though… The black Lucas North number was way more impressive…)

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