It’s Time


Fangirling over a celebrity can be like a courtship. first comes puppy love, then the realization of something deeper, which cultivates into a commitment of sorts. the “falling” eventually runs it’s course and you settle into an existence. as time goes on things change, because people change. we can either evolve and move forward, or veer off onto a path that takes us somewhere else. we can’t move backwards. while you may tell yourself that if you just stay still then everything will work itself out, you risk sacrificing your happiness to do so.



When I first started this blog, I was firmly in the puppy stage. I wanted to gush about Richard until I was out of breath, take a hit of oxygen, and then gush some more! then I moved into the “something deeper” phase and found myself exploring the hearts of not only the characters Richard portrayed, but the man himself. once I settled into “an existence” though, it became harder and harder to come up with fresh blog post ideas. in the beginning, it was effortless, but now that I’m three years in I have to work at it. I don’t like forcing it and I don’t like not posting either because it feels like a white blank space that blinds me. so after much thought, I’ve decided to hang up my blogging hat. I’ve had a good run, have so many good memories to keep with me, and so I think it’s better to sign off now while I still feel that way.


Do I regret any of it? no, not even a little. this blogging experience has shaped me in ways that I never imagined; good, bad, and everything in between. I’m not sure I could have done it with any other crush or any other fandom. butΒ while I may be done blogging about Richard Armitage, that does not mean I am ready to quit being a fan of Richard’s or leave the fandom altogether. I’d miss you guys way too much! (and him too, but whatever)


he knows

To mark this transition for myself, I’ve picked a new look for this blog but the memories we’ve shared here will remain. I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I’ve had, without all of you, and so I want to be able to revisit those times whenever I feel the need. I hope you will stop by and browse back through them as well when you need a pick-me-up.Β I’m not sure where the next chapter of my fangirling will take me, but it soothes me to know I’ll be among friends. thank you for sharing the last 3 years with me, “the ride with you was worth the fall”.

Catch you on the flip side!
❀ Kelly


40 thoughts on “It’s Time

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  2. I said the other day that I think there is only one classy way to quit, and you just epitomized it. Thanks for not deleting this — and please let us know where you’re going. I want to read along.

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    • Thank You. I don’t know that I’m “going” anywhere at the moment. I’m leaving my non-RA blog open in the hopes that I’ll eventually get the urge to blog about other things over there. I’ll still be reading your blog though and lurking around the fandom, so it’s not really good-bye, just good-bye to “Nowhere in Particular RA” πŸ™‚

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  3. Absolute shocker!!! And yet, not a shocker, either. You have hinted – or been quite open about your (blogging/fangirling) state of mind recently.There is a long e-mail waiting to be sent to you, in reply to your reply to my whingeing from last week. It was abandoned half way because I got sucked into my auction activities, but it has been weighing heavily on my mind that I never replied. And now, now it feels as if it is too late or as if my failure to respond was another nail in the RA blogging coffin. That’s a thought I hate.
    However, while I selfishly want you to stay, I can only support your decision and admire you for having come to a conclusion that feels right for you. And I really, really admire your openness and your willingness to share this difficult decision and how you came to it, with us. I am very sad to see you go – that goes without saying. I am so glad that you are leaving the blog up. You collected so many gems here over the last three years, it would be a shame to take it offline.
    We had good times, though, didn’t we? πŸ˜‰ And well, Mrs Dornan-Bigamy, guess what – I thought of you just an hour ago when I bought tickets for the DIFF premiere of “Anthropoid”, which Jamie Dornan will attend. How fun would it be to go with you? You can’t hop on a plane quickly and pop over here, can you?
    Thank you for so many laughs, chuckles – and deep discussions behind the scene!
    Lots of love – let’s stay in touch!

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    • aww, don’t feel guilty..Guylty (LOL!) I had pretty much already come to the conclusion that I was done blogging here when I wrote you that e-mail, I was just undecided on whether I should give a formal good-bye or to let it sit for awhile just in case I changed my mind (again. I’ve thought about quitting twice before already but never went through with it). still send the e-mail though b/c I love reading your thoughts and have always valued the fact that I can have frank discussions with you.

      having gotten that out of the way….you’re going to the ‘Anthropoid’ premiere & will be in the same vicinity as Jamie Dornan? WHAT?!!! please take your camera, pretty pretty please? *gets down on knees and begs*


      • IKR – I know you would appreciate that piece of news. And I am not lying when I said I thought of you. I thought of you even more when I then sent an e-mail to our national broadcaster which is taping a chat show with Dornan (and Murphy) on the same occasion, asking for tickets. Alas, they are taping on the same day as the film premiere, and the times overlap. (which must mean that Dornan will only turn up at the premiere after he is finished with the taping of the chat show, I presume…) In any case, the show to watch out for is the Late Late Show on RTE1. It’s Ireland’s foremost primetime chat show on Friday nights. Not quite sure whether you can access it from abroad, but just to let you know…


        • yes, I just saw a notice about the Late Late Show this morning and it seemed like a big deal, I’m not familiar with it though. I’m sure some fan out there will record it, so I’ll see it eventually!


  4. You’re definitely braver than I was; I simply deleted my blogs and slipped off into the night. Kudos to you for being honest and leaving with finesse. I wish you success in whatever you decide to do next.

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    • that’s a shame. I can understand it though, there have been times when I felt it was all too silly (humor wise) and that maybe I should have reined it in. but I’ve gotten many comments over the years saying how much people enjoyed it and that it brought a smile to their face on a really sucky day, etc. and so I didn’t want to take that away from them πŸ™‚

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  5. Ohhh, i have to say it makes me sad.. but i also understand. Things transform, morph and even if some feeling stay the same, others change and the way we express ourselves changes. I will miss your posts very much as you are such a unique and lovely voice πŸ™‚ I really do want to thank you for all your lovely posts and gifs and your sense of humour and your thoughts. For me you are and will always be part of us , the fandom πŸ™‚ And i am glad you are not leaving for good and that you are leaving these here for us to come back to and enjoy.

    I hope that in spite of the changes you still look back on your blog with fondness and remember many things with a smile on your lips.
    Sending you a virtual hug and hope that the conversation will continue even if not in this form. And thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and giving us this chance to send you a virtual thank you as well πŸ™‚ xx

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  6. Sorry I did not follow your blog when I had the chance. I only follow two regularly, and I missed out on yours, which I feel was pure laziness on my part. I hope you will stick around as a commenter. A lot less pressure, but probably a lot less rewarding as well.

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    • a lot less pressure, you are right about that. I have a sneaking suspicion that now that I have closure by officially shutting down this blog, that it will kickstart my RA fangirling heart again. not that blogging about Richard was a burden to me, but it held me back from just enjoying things sometimes. I was always trying to keep up and viewing things through a blogger’s eyes, how can I incorporate that into a blog post/should I comment on this latest event/can I make light of this or will there be backlash, etc. now I’ll be able to just browse through things and enjoy them without all of those “possibilities” swirling around in my head πŸ™‚


    • I have a reminder of “The Hobbit” movies everyday in the form of my two cats, Fili & Kili. and a reminder of UK culture with my other two, London & Whiskey! my love of cats is secure =^.^=

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      • I have got 4 cats too: our old beloved female “Pattes blanches”, the last month came our male “Pacha”, “Γ©cailles de Tortue” and her daughter with no name. Perhaps I shall find one name through your inspiring blog, something like “My Precious”, I like so much “Gollum”. The last 2 cats are pure wild female cats.
        That will remind me lots of good things for years and years …Sincerely Yours

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  7. From the readers POV it’s always really sad news to learn that one of the much loved writers of the RA fandom closes her blog. Kelly you f.i. had a way of telling your stories with all those unbelievably hilarious and witty gifs. Always wondered how you created them to the point and I rejoiced in how you managed to get to the heart of the fascination that is Mr. Armitage through fun and games.A big thank you for not deleting your blog and leaving it for potential future cases of RA emercency! πŸ˜‰ Dearly hope to occasionally read and meet you again out there in the fandom. Thanks for your wonderful blog, for the sniggers and the joyful laugh and I cannot help but shed a tear (or more!) Emotional me! See you!

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  8. Kelly, you will really be missed…. as it’s already been said, your voice and your way with gifs are both utterly unique! I also enjoyed your Fanvid Fridays! I’m really, really glad you aren’t taking the blog down! For all these reasons, it will be nice to know that it’s still there when I might need it ❀ (kind of like Richard Armitage Online πŸ™‚ I think what you said about always seeing through a blogger's eyes is why I never could wrap my head around doing it…. it would feel more like a job instead of "just fun" to me. I think I'm more of a reactor than an initiator anyway πŸ™‚ I'm glad you're not leaving the fandom too… please keep up the giffing on Twitter ❀

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  9. You are a class act, Kelly. I’m so going to miss reading you, but yes, so glad that you’ll be leaving your blog online. You have such a way of cracking me up with those snarky gifs. =) And I can relate- not much energy to blog lately, either. I’m hoping for a kick-start with new material coming soon… but I’m not 100% sure my motivation will return even then! I do hope to see you in the comment threads and here and there. (((Hugs)))

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  10. I was a silent lurker most of the time but I enjoyed reading your funny, witty, thoughtful blog immensely and I will really miss it! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!!! Good luck and take care! ❀

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  11. Hi Kelly. I discovered your blog back when you and Guylty organized the Thorin project. It has been a real pleasure hitching a ride on your fangirling journey since then. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and love your humor. I really connected with your POV and applaud the best gif captions ever! I always came away feeling happier after reading your latest post. I just wanted to thank you and wish you all the best. I hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts from time to time…you’ll be missed πŸ’œxx

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  12. It’s sad to see a blogger go, but yeah, I get it. Times change and the way to fangirl (or not) changes. This was a good goodbye, well done! Good luck with whatever you choose to do next.

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    • thank you. I feel really good about ending it this way, and so nothing about the experience is tarnished for me. the RA fangirling is ongoing, though it hits some bumps from time to time. I’m kind of glad it’s not always smooth sailing though, keeps things interesting!

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  13. I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one, but I want to wish you well. I was very happy to receive your words of encouragement on the opening of my blog. I know where you’re coming from with this decision; making it a conscious choice rather than an accident helps the transition so much and allows a level of freedom to make your fandom fun again (unintentional alliteration!).

    In the meantime, I will make it my mission to read your blog from beginning to end as my first textbook on RA Blogging. πŸ˜‰

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    • I doubt my blog could teach you much about blogging, other than how to be a smart ass through gif captioning πŸ˜€

      but yes, stopping the blog instead of letting it fade away gave me back some control. I’ll miss it, but the urge to blog had already passed and so I didn’t feel right leaving it hanging without a conclusion. there’s nothing worse than getting invested in a story that gets put on hiatus and then never gets an ending!

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      • This is a really excellent point. It’s always bothered me when people just abandon their blogs. It’s their right, of course, but not knowing what happened is always … troubling? dissatisfying? As you right, one wants to know how it ended.

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  14. I will miss your blog, your wit, your spot-on GIFs. It was always upbeat and fun to read. And never mean sounding. But I understand your feeling pressured, especially if you’re out of ideas. That’s why I never began a blog. But I have a page on Facebook, or rather my little POP Funko Thorin has a page and sometimes the ideas just aren’t there for his stories. So I feel stressed when I don’t post once a week. I feel like I’m failing his followers.
    I guess you could always pop in every once in a while when you feel you have something to say. I still love your 55 Reasons British Men are Bloody Gorgeous. All the best to you.

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  15. I have come to better accept when things change in the Armitage Blogisphere. I had to make changes myself to regular blogging in order to better care for my life (which I almost all but abandoned for a while.) But I am truly glad that it is just this blog and not the community that you are leaving. So I look forward to seeing you in blog comments again and on Twitter. May the winds bless you and guide you as you go through that new door and visit new ones.

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