Out A Luck, Out A Love

When the file sharing site, Photobucket, recently changed it’s terms of service to restrict posting photos by sharing links, I decided it was a good time to clean house. I had so many images linked to previous fandom’s fan-forums, that were essentially worthless now (grr!). I thought I might look for a new place to store them, even though there really wasn’t much of a need anymore. Whatever pics I post on the blogs, are uploaded and stored there, with a few of my favorites that I keep on my own computer for easy access. So I downloaded the individual albums that I wanted to keep, placing them in a folder to deal with later. Fast forward a few days to when I was deleting all the outdated install files on my computer, and I accidentally deleted the Photobucket files in the frenzy (label your folders, people!). Not only that, but I was in such a cleaning mood that I also emptied my recycle bin. yeah. I didn’t mind losing all that stuff, it really was clutter that I could do without. All the good stuff has been uploaded to the blog libraries, though it’s not exactly the best set up for browsing. So, what does all of this mean? It means I currently have 6 images of RA at my fingertips. six. S-I-X. time to start over…

if you’re curious, the other crush count is:

  • Ewan McGregor- 1
  • Christian Bale- 2
  • Robert Pattinson- 9
  • Jamie Dornan- 12
  • Chris Evans- 1
  • Dan Stevens- 76


18 thoughts on “Out A Luck, Out A Love

  1. Oh dear… I hope Richard catches up with Dan Stevens, soon…
    OTOH: Great excuse for you to go on a picture viewing binge. Suggested search terms: richard armitage topless, richard armitage nape curls, richard armitage harry kennedy, richard armitage thighs etc. etc. Have fun!


      1. Richard Armitage neckitage which Guylty is personally responsible for starting this obsession with her Leeds photos. His furry parts (chest, legs, arms, armpits….sorry I got distracted…)

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  2. I was about to comment and then got lost in your archived posts!…. ok back to the post at hand… hey at least they are 6 GOOD photos! And a nice assortment of facial hair — 4 bearded, 1 stubbled, and 1 clean-shaven! (76 photos of Dan? That’s quite the [pleasurable] detour!)

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    1. I’ve been a Dan fan for 5 months, so staying power is yet to be determined.
      I’ve been a Richard fan for 4 years, so I think that’s a ‘yes’ on staying power πŸ™‚


  3. When I was still married, my Mom used to say it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite as long as you take it home. It’s okay to be distracted by other very acceptable crushes like Dan, but I always return to The Armitage.

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  4. You’re much more philosophical than I am — I suppose the historian in me believes strongly in the preservation of archives. I would have been crushed. Glad you’re taking it so well, and yes, at least you have six good images. Would they be your desert island ones?


    1. in the past I’ve actually made private blogs for myself just to archive fangirl things the way I want/need them to be but then it starts to rule me and so I end up deleting them (I’ve done this twice now, once with Richard and once multi-fandom). it actually felt SO GOOD to clean out all of my photos, so that when I accidentally lost the ones I chose to keep, I just shrugged it off. if I didn’t have the good stuff uploaded to the blog libraries, I would be feeling much more gutted about it πŸ˜‰

      are these 6 my desert island picks? the theatre and birthday ones, yes, but not the others. if I was stuck on an island with only a handful of RA pics to get me by, they would need to include some Porter jeans and Proctor skin as well 😈

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  5. What a bummer. But you must know favorite pics you’ve lost, and you can find those again. For ex: I always keep Richard Armitage playing fuzzball on my desktop. If you like it, I’ll be happy to send it. And I’m sure I have a favorite Porter pic of yours – the one where he’s standing by the car in the desert.

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    1. I love the fuzzball one too! I have all of the photos I lost (and then some) here in the blog library, so I just need to scroll through and resave my favs (or go directly to the posts I know I used them in). what’s funny is when I google an image to find it quicker, and what comes up is actually from this blog πŸ˜›


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