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One of the many things I started but never got around to finishing on this blog was the 55 Reasons Challenge. It was based on a BuzzFeed article that highlighted the many charming things we love about British men, illustrated by cute gifs of various British men doing endearing things. One particular reader of this blog really liked these posts and often tried to give me a nudge into posting more of them. Unfortunately, I only made it to number nine. I was thinking of this particular reader today as I read news of the horrible weather that the state of Texas is enduring, due to Hurricane Harvey. I touched base with her on Twitter to see how she was doing (she’s okay and so is her house) and then I thought that maybe I could finish the ’55 Reasons Challenge’ just to make her smile. Although I won’t be dedicating separate posts to do this, I will illustrate each trait with a gif/image of Richard. That’s 47 pics of Richard! So, SnowyJo, this one’s for you:


10. But they also look phenom with little on at all.


11. That self-assured self-deprecation.


12. The way they can so pull off ginger.

I’m sure there’s ginger in there somewhere…


13. Seriously. Red-headed Brits are hot.


14. That pensive beard stroke.


15. That look they get when they’re falling in love.


16. Their coy sense of humor.


17. Their ability to start a fire in a button-up shirt.

too literal?


18. Their sensitivity.


19. Their dimples.


20. Their good lad values!


21. This goofy “yuuuup” grin.


22. The way they know exactly what to do in tough moments.


23. Their willingness to be utterly ridiculous.


24. The adorable crinkles in their eyes when they laugh.


25. The way they boogie.


26. And the way they groove.


27. And the way NO-body has moves like Jagger.


28. The cute face they make when they’re indignant.


29. The way they smile even when they disagree with you.


30. That lil’ head-to-shoulder modesty move.


31. The way they greet you with words, not just a chin jut.


32. The way they know how to set the mood.


33. That. Lip. Bite.


34. Or the lip-bite-grin evolution.

not exactly a ‘grin’ but it makes me grin!


35. The way they take their tea: adorably.




37. Seriously, all men should always wear suits.


38. The way they can make you feel like the only girl in the world.


39. How when they say something, they mean it.


40. The way they can be just too lovable.


41. The way they wear those long winter coats with the collars up.


42. The adorable way they try on American English.


43. The way they’ll readily admit when they’ve found something good.


44. That thing where they lean back to think.

or complain. either/or


45. When they do this little faux-frown.


46. The way they get to the point.


47. Everything about this man.


48. The way they look when you take their breath away.


49. Their romanticism.


50. That thing where they wear sweaters on top of button downs and it’s like, Hello!


51. Their slightly awkward and wholly endearing style of flirtation.


52. The way they rock a bowtie.


53. Their understated, honest manner of expressing their feelings.


54. The way they’re good with animals.


55. Their emotional intelligence.


Oh. And they have accents. Those are pretty nice, too.





14 thoughts on “For You

  1. OHHHHH! All this overload of Armitage goodness. I always thought I’d somehow missed the rest of these posts. You wrote the funniest blogs on these points. I’m so glad you’re back.

    I’m still here. Still dry. We are worried because all those rivers, reservoirs, and bayous are cresting and overflowing. And all that water is eventually going to head south towards us. My friends have been rescued. I’ve got a couple of their dogs and I’m encountering some problems.
    1. Dino, the smaller pooch, snores so loud he wakes Sissy, the other dog, and myself up. He also farts!!! Nothing is more deadly.
    Dino also talks in his sleep.
    2. No privacy. I’m sitting on the toilet and they both push in and start jumping on my legs wanting in my lap. Boundaries,man! Boundaries!
    3. No stores are opened so there first meal was canned chicken. My neighbor gave me some dog food and they looked at it, looked at me like…really? Beggars should not be choosers.
    4. Supposedly these dogs are not allowed on the furniture….apparently no one told them that applied to other people’s homes.

    Okay, these are small real world problems considering what is going on.
    Thank you for thinking of me and of all of Texas. We will survive. We will keep our sense of humor (I’m watching rescued people stepping off boats and saying something funny. Laughter relieves stress.) We will take care of each other, including the farting 4-footed guests.

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    1. I always tell people who are thinking of getting a dog for the first time, that they are just like toddlers. as long as you don’t expect them to be more well behaved than a 2 year old child, you’ll be okay 😀

      I have an offline friend who lives near Cypress. the flooding hasn’t touched her house (knock on wood) but the pics she’s been posting on Facebook of the surrounding area does not look fun. and now they’re going to release more water into that, making the already flooded areas worse b/c the damns aren’t holding? yikes! but it is wonderful to see everyone helping each other out, without even a second thought. bad weather always seems to bring strangers together in heartwarming ways.

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    1. yes, that man should not be on Twitter 🙄 I don’t say that to be mean, I know so many fans enjoy the selfies, but his sensibilities are not cut out for any kind of ‘impulse’ posting. I often wonder how many drafts of his letters he used to go through, way back when, before he finally sent them off to be posted to the fandom? or maybe he was just less cautious back then, who knows. at any rate, there’s no shame in quitting Twitter or stepping back, changing focus so that it’s just used during promo time, etc. so many celebrities have done so in the last few years.

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      1. He really seems to have painted himself in a corner. With the obvious amount of attention he gets on Twitter, it is very hard to step back from it. Yet it probably feels like a chore to him. I’m with you – there is no shame in deciding to dial the whole thing down if he doesn’t enjoy it or if it doesn’t feel beneficial to him.

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