30 Day challenge

blog series that answers Richard Armitage related questions


1.) The First Role You Saw Him in

All My Thanks to Thorin


 2.) The Role Which Made You Fall for Him

I’m Gonna Knock You Out


3.) Your Favorite Character

Adjective, Please?


 4.) Your Least Favorite Character

He Has His Moments


 5.) Your Favorite Photoshoot

Explosion of Blue


6.) Your Favorite Interview

“Brilliant Fun”


7.) A Scene of His Which Made You Laugh

The Secret is Out


8.) A Scene of His Which Made You Cry

Fly, You Fool!


 9.) Your Favorite Character Pics

True Character


10.) Your Favorite Body Part(s)

The Leg Bone’s Connected to the…


11.)A Habit of His Which You Find Endearing

Charmingly Endearing


12.) Something About Him You Don’t Like

Stand by Your Man


13.)A Favorite Character Quote

False Hope


14.) A Favorite Personal Quote

This One Day


15.) A Role You Would Love to See Him In

Please, Please, Pretty Please?


16.)A Role You Would Not Want Him to Do

Oh, My!


17.) Your Favorite Romantic Pairing

‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost...


18.)Your Favorite Platonic Pairing

Colleagues Are Okay


19.) Your Favorite Bromance

Boys Will Be Boys


20.) Something You Would Say If You Met Him



21.) A Role You Haven’t Seen but Would Like To

We Think You Got a Lot of Potential


22.) Your Least Favorite Photo

I Just Don’t Like It


23.) A Confession

There’s Something About You…


24.) A Cameo Role You Would Like to See

Time Keeps on Slippin’ Away


25.)An Audio Book You Would Like Him to Record

His Voice is Out of This World


26.) Your Favorite Website/or Blog

Playing Favorites


27.)Your Favorite Gif(s)



28.)Your Favorite Character Outfit

Nowhere in Particular



29.) Your Favorite Personal Look

Casual, of Course 


30.) Your Favorite Picture

The Finish Line


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