55 Reasons Challenge

blogging series based on the BuzzFeed post titled “55 Reasons British Men Are Bloody Gorgeous”



1) That thing they do where they dip their chin a little and look up at you

55 Reasons


2) The way they laugh with their whole face when they’re reeeally happy

The Music of the Soul


3) The way they manage confidence without cockiness

Playing the Part


4) The fact that they never. Wear. Bro tanks

Baby, it’s Cold Outside 


5) The way they’re not afraid to compliment you, straight up

Straight Up Now Tell Me


6) THIS THING where they have one hand on their face and it’s like, peekaboo handsome

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words


7) That gorgeous lil’ smirk

That Lil’ Smirk


8) Their incredible grace under pressure

Under Pressure


9) The way they’re always impeccably dressed (no cargo shorts on these boys!)




For You

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