Alphabet Movie challenge

blog series relating to Richard Armitage films, using each letter of the alphabet



Anticipating RA Movie of 2014

 The Things We Do for Love


Book Adaptation That I’d Love to See Richard Star in

That Thing You Do!


RA Character You Would Most Like to Meet

Come Live With Me and Be My Love 


Dream Director Pairing

Visually Stunning


Essential Classic Richard Armitage Must See

Classic, Pure Gold 


Favorite Richard Armitage Franchise

 Still Into You


Genre of Richard’s I Enjoy Most

Lights, Camera, Action!


Hidden Gem

 A Pleasant Surprise 


Important Moment in Armitage Viewing Life

 I’m All In 


Just Right for a Rainy Day

A Reasonable Explanation 


Kiddie Movie (CBeebies Episode) I Enjoy

He Likes Dragons?! 


Location I’d Most Like to Visit

What Dreams Are Made of


Marathons I’ve Watched

Going the Distance 


Netflix Program I Haven’t Finished

Never Let it Fade Away 


One Movie I Watched the Most

I Kind of Like it 


Preferred Place to Watch: Television or Computer

Over and Over Again


Quote That Inspires

Where People Understand You


Remake I’d Like to See Richard Do

With Sugar on Top


Snack I Enjoy Most While Watching Armitage

Sweet and Salty 


Thrilling Program That Kept Me On Edge

Rebel Yell


Unapologetic Fanperson for Which Character

Harry is 


Very Excited for What Upcoming Armitage Event

What Will it Be?


Wish I Never Watched

Upsetting for so Many Reasons



XXX Movie Starring Richard: Yes or No



Your Latest RA Related Obsession



ZZZ What Program Put You to Sleep

I’m Only Sleeping 


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