Blog Introspection Challenge

15 day blogging series that explores questions relating to the history of this blog



1.) What made you start blogging?

Blog Introspection Challenge


2.) The significance of your blog’s name 

The Name Game


3.) What’s your (usual) blogging process? 

At Your Leisure


4.) What’s your favorite post?

Statistically Speaking


5.) Which post got the most views?

Look After My Heart


6.) Which post continues to give?

A Dying Art


7.) Which post has the most comments?

“H” is for Hostility


8.) Which post was the most difficult to write?

More Than Just a Simple Welcome


9.) Which post do you regret writing?

On Second Thought


10.) What do you find most difficult/challenging about blogging?

The Facts of Life


11.) Your favorite aspect of blogging

A Feel Good Place


12.) How- if at all- has blogging changed your life?



13.) What have you learned from blogging?

Novice No Longer


14.) Your plans for your blogging future

Still Wandering


15.) Any blogging role-models?

A Personal Approach


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