Blog Series


Meet Cute Challenge

blog series that answers a relationship questionnaire “asked” by different RA characters


Blog Introspection Challenge

15 day blogging series that explores questions relating to the history of this blog


Then & Now

taking a look back at the Richard Armitage characters to see how my impressions of them have changed


Liebster Award

blogging award meant to promote other blogs by answering a questionnaire put forth by the blogger who nominated you and then creating your own to pass on to others


55 Reasons Challenge

based on the BuzzFeed post titled “55 Reasons British Men are Bloody Gorgeous”


The Thorin Project

fandom project that took personal thoughts fans had submitted about Thorin Oakenshield and included them in a keepsake book that was sent as a gift to Richard


Music & More Challenge

music challenge questions and their adapted Richard Armitage themed counterparts


My Scotland Adventure

retelling of my jinxed trip to Scotland


Fanvid Friday

series highlighting favorite fan made videos from the RA fandom


RA Character Challenge

blog series focusing on Richard Armitage characters



nighttime dreams that I’ve had about Richard Armitage or his characters


Alphabet Movie Challenge

blog series relating to Richard Armitage films, using each letter of the alphabet


Flash Fan Event

organized blog event to celebrate Richard Armitage and highlight various RA fandom blogs


30 Day Challenge

blog series that answers Richard Armitage related questions


A-Z Challenge

blogging series that uses each letter of the alphabet


Lyrical Picspam

posts that feature lyrics from a song or poem with corresponding images


It All Comes Back to Richard 

things in my day to day life that have reminded me of Richard

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