I’m Only Sleeping

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 26

ZZZ what program put you to sleep

Answer: um, none?

seriously, I thought long and hard about this one and I can’t come up with an answer! Richard Armitage is just too engaging! so here’s some pics of him asleep instead ๐Ÿ™‚


Please, don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me
Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping


Please, don’t spoil my day, I’m miles away
And after all I’m only sleeping


Please, don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me
Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping


(non-Armitage answer: 2001 a space odyssey)

And so ends my adaptation of the Alphabet Movie challenge!


if you want to read the original questions,

you can do so here.


Alphabet Movie challenge: day 25

Your latest Richard Armitage related obsession

Answer: Leather Jackets


I’ve never really gotten excited about leather. I like it but only have one leather coat that I hardly ever wear. I bought it in High School, so it’s a bit out of style ๐Ÿ˜•


My casual attitude towards leather may be my parent’s fault.

(everything is my parent’s fault ๐Ÿ˜› )

They both ride motorcycles, so leather is a must for them. Even before that though, my mom had an affinity for leather coats. I remember being young and going into stores that sold leather jackets, crinkling up my nose at the smell… I know, right? kids are so weird ๐Ÿ˜€


Lately though, I’ve been giving leather jackets much more attention.

Maybe I should buy one for myself?


(non-Armitage answer: Les Miserables)


Alphabet Movie challenge: day 24

XXX movie starring Richard: yes or no?

Answer: No

this is bad because?
this is bad because?

Sensuality and Skin are very nice but…

**this is where one might place a butt gif

or two or three

or certain scenes from Between the Sheets

but I’m not that person


the original question for this one was :

XXX movie I first watched at a young age

How can I answer that without over-sharing?


I saw my first XXX movie at 14 years of age,

it was quite an eye opener


but I’d rather not go into detail ๐Ÿ˜›

Upsetting For So Many Reasons

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 23

Wish I never watched

Answer: Spooks, series 9


If you have a different answer to this one, I’d sure like to hear it ๐Ÿ˜• I think it’s pretty universal among Richard Armitage fans that Spooks series 9 was upsetting for so many reasons.

heartbreaking when his voice catches during this scene!
heartbreaking when his voice catches during this scene!

That’s not to say that the whole series is a bust, just those last few. We do get introduced to Demetri and Beth in this series, both enjoyable additions.



we get to hear this



see this


but this

is all that is remembered…


(non-Armitage answer: The Blair Witch Project ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

What Will It Be?

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 22

Very excited for what upcoming Armitage related event?

Answer: announcement of his next project

*oh, look at the time!*
*oh, look at the time!*

What are your plans,


you're such a tease
you’re such a tease

Will it be a film, Will it be in television,

Will it be more narration or audio books?

call-in radio show? I'd strongly advise against that one
call-in radio show? I’d strongly advise against that one

Are you going to try your hand behind the camera?

How about some writing? Song and dance?

cha cha cha!
cha cha cha!

Cooking? Eating?


don't make climbing high things a habit, I'm scared of heights!
don’t make climbing high things a habit, I’m scared of heights!

What are you doing right this second, Richard?

wait, maybe you shouldn’t answer that one…


just let us know what you’ll be up to, professionally, soon okay?

we really enjoy supporting you ๐Ÿ˜Ž


(non-Armitage answer: Outlander series on Starz)