I’d Watch That

RA Character challenge

(last day)

30.) What Do You Want to See From the Next RA Character?


you called me schmoopy! you’re schmoopy…no, you’re schmoopy…schmoopy!

One where he’s actually in a relationship

but not an MI-5/Spooks kind of relationship.

you’re doing it wrong

There would definitely be room

for intimacy

the heart wants what the heart wants

but also for jack-assery

and a bit of angst as well.

what is “jack..assery?”

Maybe wrap all of that up in a thriller?

like his character stumbles upon a Mob hit or something

raise those arms just a little higher…

and accidentally gets the girlfriend mixed up in it as well.

yeah, I’d watch that 😎

let me kiss it and make it all better

You Only Live Once

RA Character challenge

29.) If You Were (insert RA character here),

How Would Your Story Differ?

Harry Kennedy


Well, to begin with I wouldn’t have answered that phone call. Couldn’t he have let it go to message and then checked it immediately after his conversation with Geraldine was through? What was so important that he had to interrupt a conversation with his crush, and then hurriedly ask her out for dinner because he had someone waiting on the line? Way to make a girl feel special, Harry 🙄


The Proposal: while the rashness of it had a sweet fairytale romance feel, I would not have proposed that soon. How long had they known each other, a week? There’s following your heart and then there’s just being irresponsible.


I can look past the phone call, I’m certainly not perfect and can be unintentionally rude on occasion, and I have been known to throw all caution to the wind once in awhile because you only live once

(I cannot bring myself to say “YOLO”, it sounds like frozen yogurt)

but what I would have the hardest time with, is sitting back and letting my bride’s pushy friends take over her wedding. They are lovable and they are zany and they do have good intentions, but surely Harry knows how long Geraldine has longed for this opportunity? And if he doesn’t, at least he knows how to read his bride-to-be’s feelings, doesn’t he?

No? Hmm, I bet he would if he had dated her longer before he proposed…

but I still love you, Harry! ❤


RA Character challenge

28.) Edge of Your Seat: the moment you found most exciting

The Hobbit: the pines

That was super duper exciting the first time that I saw it! and even though I know what’s going to happen now, it’s still exciting because I know what’s coming and look forward to it.

Ohh, look at that determination, that taste for revenge! Some joke about Thorin running down the log in slow-mo with his hair blowing in the wind, saying it’s the cliche hero moment; but it IS the hero moment… because Bilbo unexpectedly steps in and defends Thorin! Preface all of that with the Dwarves being stuck in the trees and the fire and the Wargs;

It’s just thrilling all the way around 😎

My Moment

RA Character challenge

27.) Most Sensual Voice

Thorin Oakenshield

movies the hobbit thorin oakenshield richard armitage

There’s something about Thorin that causes me to go against my usual proclivities. The long hair, the majestic air, the solid no nonsense of the man (whoops! he probably wouldn’t like to be called a man 😉 ) is not something I usually find attractive; but with him, I do. When you add that deep raspy voice into the mix, that’s just the cherry on top!

I find Thorin very sensual.

*shivers with delight!*

Just in case you’ve forgotten what Thorin sounds like,

here are a few examples:

Oh, that speech! When he says, “not for me”, that was my moment, the moment he captured me.

Then there’s sassy Thorin:

I love that part 😛

And the tour de force:

I have the only right


Stalwart and True

RA Character challenge

26.) Most Interesting Story


Even though it’s a tragic story, Sparkhouse was one that kept me engaged (I liked North & South too, but you could tell where that one was going rather quickly). The puppy-love story of Carol and Andrew, how he was going off to University and all the uncertainty and fear that came with that. Been there done that, minus the abusive father and boyfriend’s disapproving parents, thank goodness! though my future MIL did try to get me to break up with her son so that he could “experience college life”.

your son needs to get drunk every weekend, why exactly?

How John, the awkward farmhand, suffered in silence with unrequited love

(my middle name in adolescence could have been “unrequited” )

I had shoes that looked like that coat. no joke.

but when the chips were down who was there? John. Full of gentleness and understanding but still with plenty of that endearing awkwardness, though it was now mixed with a mature confidence that was rather enticing.

as is that sweater. I kind of have a *thing* for it. as I do the hair & sideburns.

Roles between the former young romantics became switched, Crazy girl passed on her title to University boy when he let jealousy consume him and ruin his home life.

give it to him, John! I mean…let’s sit down and talk this through like adults *blushes*

Meanwhile John was the safe haven, stalwart and true.

Ugh! That man!

I just want to cuddle up to those awful clothes forever ❤