Music & More challenge

music challenge questions and their adapted Richard Armitage themed counterparts


1) favorite recent interview/favorite song today

Think it Through, Armitage!


2) favorite interview of all time/favorite song of all time

Black Seems to Suit Me


3) favorite outfit from an interview/favorite song with a color in the title

More Than Average


4) favorite candid photo/another top 5 favorite song

Ordinarily Beautiful 


5) role that you watch when you travel/song you listen to when you travel

Miracle Worker


6) fanfiction story you’ve read the most times/song with the highest playcount on your player

Appreciation is Key 


7) favorite dvd cover/favorite cover version of a song

Favorite Cover


8) favorite facial expression/another top 5 favorite song

The Eye…brows Have it 


9) role that reminds you of someone you know/song that reminds you of your childhood



10) favorite theme song/opening theme song for a series based on your life

Whatever Will Be


11) least favorite outfit worn by a RA character/least favorite song

The Least 


12) dvd you always look for on sale/song you always look for on jukeboxes



13) quote from favorite interview/song by favorite band

What’s My Line?


14) first photoshoot you saw/first song you heard by your favorite artist

Too Good to Be True


15) favorite female interviewer/favorite female vocal song

Female of the Species


16) gif that makes you smile/song that makes you happy



17) a romantic fanfiction/a favorite love song



18) song you would like to hear Richard sing/favorite music video

Love Me


19) favorite Richard Armitage message to fans/song by one of your top 5 favorite bands



20) character most likely to be an ex-boyfriend/song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend

A Momentary Distraction


21) favorite photo from 2013 Sydney tour/a song that reminds you of Australia

Waltzing Matilda 


22) favorite photo enhancement/another song from a top 5 favorite band



23) mannerism that you share with RA/song you would sing on American Idol

Words Are Clever, Hands Are Better


24) movie musical you would like Richard to star in/a song you like from a musical

Something Good


25) favorite young pic of RA/oldest song you love

To Fly


26) least favorite photoshoot/song that you absolutely despise

The Hang Over


27) first fanfic you read/first song that you heard, that you still listen to

FF Gateway


28) favorite male interviewer/favorite male vocal song



29) role that makes you frown/song that makes you frown

I’m Sensing a Theme


30) role from a favorite movie that you could picture RA playing/song from your favorite movie



31) favorite audio performance/a favorite vocal performance

I Gotta Feeling 


32) instrument you’d like Richard to play/your favorite classical piece



33) character that reminds you of Dad/Mom- song that reminds you of Dad/Mom

Worth the Effort


34) career you’d like RA to portray/song with favorite guitar riff

Taking Care of Business


35) episode you’ve watched twice in one sitting/song you listen to twice in a row

Here We Go Again


36) last fanfic you read/last band you saw play live

I Prefer Morris


37) favorite recent candid/newest most modern song you love

Young at Heart


38) dvd that you couldn’t live without/song you couldn’t live without



39) photoshoot that makes you smile/song that makes you smile

Smiling’s My Favorite


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