Words Are Overrated



I’ve not been paying as close attention to Armitage World as I normally would as of late, due to various factors, one of which is my saving of recorded Hannibal episodes to binge-watch at a later date. so when I saw the above gif I was all like:




OMFG!! we all know our guy is a hottie but when…where…smokin hot…!@#$





Once upon a time I labeled the character of John Mulligan as a cad.

who, me?
who, me?

but also defended him with the opinion that he was a former bad boy just trying to get by.

yeah, let's go with that
yeah, let’s go with that

John confused me with the way he seduced the emotionally vulnerable Ellie by playing on her confidence issues. he’d talk down to her, reinforce how down on her luck she currently was–how far she had fallen from his previous conceptions of her– then flirt and build her back up again in the same conversation. that kind of manipulation never sat well with me but, ironically, I felt manipulated by the way the story was told through Ellie’s eyes, and so I fought against it. 


I was adamant that the pivotal scene when the drugs were found in her luggage, was not a set-up by John: he may have been hiding the drugs from her but he wasn’t using her to transport them….I was riding high on Mulligan charm.

it's the layers. chicks can't resist all this loud fabric.
it’s the layers. chicks can’t resist all this fabric!

somehow I misunderstood when Ellie said they should just use one suitcase for their trip instead of two. I was under the impression that they were sharing the same suitcase and thus the drugs she found were not intended to be transported by her alone. 


I must have also missed the part where John urged Ellie to go check and see if she had enough gas in the car, leaving him alone with the luggage–which was in actuality two separate suitcases–giving him the opportunity to either switch the drugs from his case to hers or to purposely place the drugs in her case as he intended to do all along. 

distRActed-part 2
distRActed-part 2

so, my opinion regarding John’s intentions has changed. I feel better about it now because I was fighting the creepiness before, the mental abuse John was exhibiting through his emotional manipulation of Ellie. I didn’t like it but I overlooked it because it didn’t fit in with what I wanted to see. but before you let out that breath you were holding in fear for my sanity, I must confess: I find prison John the more enticing of the two.

neck porn
neck porn

once he’s caught and gives his speech to Ellie, knocking her down a few pegs by pointing out that all the nice things she currently owns was bought with his money; the difference between the two personas is more apparent. it’s clear to me that prison John is the real him, and I dig his confidence. even though the jig is up, he’s resigned to his fate. he’s not blaming anyone for putting him there, he got caught and that is that.


before, I thought the look in John’s eyes at the end was regret because he really did like Ellie and he was sad that he lost what might have been.

Danger! Danger! do not look directly into the eyes!
Danger! Danger! do not look directly into the eyes!

but now I don’t see that look as loneliness or disappointment, but rather irrelevance: he just doesn’t care. I can respect that more than the smooth talker I thought he was before.

emptiness is the new sexy
emptiness is the new sexy

truth, even if it’s not the good kind, is preferable to a lie.

unless it's delivered while wearing this jacket- then all bets are off
unless it’s delivered while wearing this jacket- then all bets are off.

Under Pressure

55 Reasons Challenge

8.) Their incredible grace under pressure


Richard does have a knack for staying calm under pressure. He amazes me with his self-control.

it’s Arm-eh-TIDGE, damn it!


He’s so selfless, always putting his own needs aside for the wants of others.

this pen seems to be out of ink, I’ll go find another…


The man exudes patience. he says he has moments when he feels like throwing chairs out of windows, but I just can’t see it.

ask me about the Circus, I dare you


and he always says the right thing, so poised and sophisticated!

two words: Party Trick
two words: Party Trick


*cheeky grin* 




Harry Jasper Kennedy

Harry Kennedy, the quintessential boy next door that moved into town and stole my heart. okay, maybe I’m the one who moved into town since I didn’t discover him until long after he first appeared in 2006 but he had me at “hello”. 



I’ve always been drawn to the boy next door type, the wholesome nice guy with the stand up character and playful personality– Harry fits that description to a T. he has a quiet demeanor, may even appear a little aloof, but is not lacking in confidence.

confident, creepster- it’s all relative


he’s laid back, casual, someone who is happy just going with the flow. he’s well read

make that fan-fiction and you've got yourself a deal!
make that fan-fiction and you’ve got yourself a deal!


enjoys taking walks and is friendly to pretty much everyone, girls and guys alike.

"...and Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man"
“…and Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man”


I liked Harry instantly, and that has never really waned. he’s not perfect but I don’t really want perfect. 

but stop the interrupting, because that shit's annoying
but stop the interrupting, because that shit’s annoying!


We don’t really know much about Harry, other than he’s an accountant who works in the city and has decided to relocate to the country and commute. he must have a decent job to be able to afford that cottage but he seems like maybe he’s become disillusioned with city life. 


what a surprise to actually receive a visit from a neighbor. I lived on the same street in London for 15 whole years and the bell never rang once.


Harry falls for Geraldine right away, as she does him, but he’s much more impulsive



while she talks herself out of it being real.



a cute story with a happy ending and a lot of endearing humor along the way.






 Harry and his story may not be deep, it may not have a lot of action or soul-searching angst, but it touches a part of me that is very real. 

that room is missing a cat...or four.
that room is missing a cat…or four.


and on days when the world turns me upside down and pulls me in opposite directions, Harry brings me back down to earth and helps plant my feet on solid ground. Life is simple, it’s people who make it complicated.


Harry is simple, he uncomplicates me.


Break Time!

Before I delve into the video goodness of the interviews that took place at Comic-Con, let’s talk about a few things:


⭐ The Apparel: blue shoes, can’t go wrong with anything blue in my opinion. even this:

the force is strong with this one
the force is strong with this one

I happen to really like the grey “letter jacket” type coat. though it does remind me of when I was in High School and took to wearing my brother’s letter jacket while he was away at college. it never dawned on me that this could be boyfriend repellent. I was clueless in the dating department.

he's looking at me, right? I'm pretty sure he's looking at me
he’s looking at me, right? I’m pretty sure he’s looking at me

⭐ The Hair & Close-Cropped Beard: win/win! I’ve always been pro-Armitage beard myself, he seems more at ease when he’s wearing a beard. the hair- I like the new coiffed ‘do too. both of these are worthy of discussion but all Richard seems to want to talk about is his derriere…

hey! that's our job!
hey! that’s our job!

⭐ The Trailer:

*shocked silence*

followed closely by “DAMN IT!” I thought I was all resigned not to watch Richard’s upcoming episodes of Hannibal but after seeing that tease, how can I resist? it’s scary and sensual and disturbing and all around intriguing. the way he pops his back into place, and how eerily straight his posture is when reading the magazine, and the ball hat–I do have a soft spot for ball hats

(edited to add: the original trailer was removed, so I’ve replaced it with a similar one)


the (big) part of me that shies away from gore is still wary though, as is my sissy psyche. confession: remember when I had that disturbing dream that I was Dolarhyde and broke into my own house? when I close the windows each night now before I go to bed, I check the lock on that particular window twice and then nod to myself “so Dolarhyde doesn’t get in”. true story.

*hides under covers*

⭐ The Antics of Boyish Armitage:

throwing name card to audience member

work it, baby!

throwing toy dragon to audience member

does Richard have anger issues? he sure does like to throw things
does Richard have anger issues? he sure does like to throw things!

okay, break time’s over!

but first– Bonus pics for no reason whatsoever:





Okay, carry on.