RA Character challenge

blog series focusing on Richard Armitage characters



1) Favorite Character

I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty! 


2) Favorite Female

A Real Chance 


3) Favorite Couple

Puppy Love 


4) Least Favorite Character

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 


5) Least Favorite Female Character

Cat Fight 


6) Least Favorite Couple



7) Favorite Outfit

My Kind of Perfection 


8) Least Favorite Outfit

It’s a Tie 


9) A Character Who Inspires You

Just Be 


10) Worst Decision Made By a Character

Sad Panda 


11) A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of a Character



12) A Character You Would Like to Trade Places With

Trading Places 


13) A Character Whose Life You Would Hate to Have

I Spy 


14) A Character You Think is a Bad Role Model

Do’s and Don’ts 


15) Favorite Character Hairstyle

Just Right 


16) Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

A Heightened Experience 


17) Least Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

Heil Hydra 


18) The Character With Whom You Would Be Best Friends

19) The Character With Whom You Would Be Frenemies

20) The Character You Would Openly Hate and Be Enemies With

21) The Character You Would Dress As for a Halloween/Costume Party

Friends and Enemies 


22) List three Admirable Qualities About the Character You Named on Day #4



23) The Character Who Deserved a Happy Ending That Didn’t Get One

Not Fair 


24) Favorite Side-Kick

Brotherhood of the Blade


25) Most Interesting Story

Stalwart and True 


26) Most Sensual Voice

My Moment 


27) Edge of Your Seat: the moment you found most exciting



28) If You Were (insert RA character here) How Would Your Story Differ

You Only Live Once 


29) What Do You Want to See From the Next RA Character

I’d Watch That 


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