Quick, Before I Change My Mind!

I like to jump off cliffs when I’m bored- in this case it’s a proverbial cliff, although when I was much younger I did go cliff diving. I really doubt I could do that now, someone would probably have to push me! anyways… 

I recorded myself talking. I’m not sure if it was brave or reckless; I’ll tell you tomorrow. I did kill several birds with one stone though by not only showing you what I sound like and what I look like when I talk, but this is also the first time I’ve recorded myself (thus the crappy sound) and uploaded a video to YouTube. so many firsts! here’s me:

I would have fixed my hair and put on a nicer shirt but I did this on a whim before I could talk myself out of it. wow, I open my mouth wide when I talk, don’t I? and I almost flubbed up saying “Indiana”. that’s the word that tripped me up, really? good thing I didn’t say Indianapolis…


(edited to add: as you can see, I *did* change my mind…)


Heil Hydra

RA Character challenge

17.) Least Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

Heinz Kruger

**I have no idea what the purpose of the little cartoon insert in this vid is for but it’s the only one I could find with Heinz’s voice

I have nothing against the German accent that Richard gave Heinz, it’s not annoying or anything; most of his other accents are relatively close to his own so there isn’t a whole lot to choose from for this question!