Brotherhood of the Blade

RA Character challenge

25.) Favorite Side-Kick

Alan A Dale

Alan: what an impressive sword you have, I am truly in awe.

Sir Guy: yes, I have been rather fortunate.


Sir Guy: but you mustn’t mention my sword to others, they will covet it.

Alan: sure, sure. your secret is safe with me.


Sir Guy: you wouldn’t try to get your hands on my sword, would you?

Alan: of course not. I’m not sure I could even handle a weapon of that caliber.


Sir Guy: it is massive, isn’t it?

Alan: that’s what she said!

*guffaws all around*


{Sometime later…}

Sir Guy: now, no talk of my sword to Marian. It will frighten her.

Alan: sure thing, Boss.


Sir Guy: you mentioned my sword, didn’t you?

Alan: who, me? *snickers in amusement*


Sir Guy: maybe I should show you how adept at handling my sword I really am!

Alan: *gulps*


{The End}

(I’m not sure what that was, but it’s Richard’s fault )