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Fan A-Z Challenge

C.) Name a book that you think RA should star in a film in

I’m going to cheat (again) and give a different kind of answer to this question. I tried to think of a book that I would like to see turned into a movie starring Richard but I kept coming up blank. probably because I only read fanfiction…

fanfic, trying to convince me that ‘real’ books are overrated

My mind wandered a bit as I just generally thought of what kind of film I wanted to see him in next, and it got stuck on that Audible advert for ‘Their Lost Daughters’. a salt and pepper Richard on a dreary, windy beach, wearing a pea coat? yes please!

I’ve not read the actual book the advert is for, so I can’t say whether or not the story itself is ‘RA film worthy’, so my answer is just the advert itself. I have a couple of requirements though:

1.) his hair has to be styled like this, not just in the wind but all the time

Richard Armitage: Kewpie pie

2.) that sweater looks too itchy. it has to come off



I really like the Audible interview with Richard too:


the neckline of that white shirt

peek-a-book necklace, I see you!


and a return to his lankier frame. pale & skinny is my type.

Richard, fearing he’ll never see food or sun again if I have my say


It gave me a vibe that I really like.



example of my awesome screenshot skills.


Ready & Willing

Confession number one: I’ve never read David Copperfield. or seen the movie. truthfully, I don’t even know what it’s about.

Harry Potter: the Primary School years?
Harry Potter: the Primary School years?


Confession number two: I’ve not read Charles Dickens, period. well, except for an excerpt of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that was in a Christmas anthology I was gifted once. I have seen various versions of it on film & stage though.

this is still my fav version & I'll make no apologies for it. Goofy is brilliant.
still my fav version & I’ll make no apologies for it! Goofy is brilliant


I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not that familiar with Dickens. I’ve heard of Oliver Twist and Great Expectations and even have A Tale of Two Cities on my bookshelf, though I’ve yet to actually read it, but I’m only aware of the most basic of story lines.


Oliver Twist=orphan
Great Expectations=Pip, also an orphan
A Tale of Two Cities= “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.



I do enjoy reading and I’ve read a variety of books through the years but for some unknown reason the works of Charles Dickens have not been among them. my formal edumacation has been severely lacking.



So if Richard does end up recording an audio book of David Copperfield for Audible, like has been hinted at on Twitter, he will be reaching at least one person who has not had prior knowledge or experience of it.

sounds good to me!
sounds good to me!


instruct me, Richard. I’m your willing pupil!

*runs off to stock up on apples*
*runs off to stock up on apples*

His Voice Is Out of This World

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

25.) Q: an audio book you would like him to record


A: The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

This book was my first foray into fantasy, and it left a lasting impression on my imagination. To hear it told in Richard’s voice, with his knack for voice-acting , would be quite enjoyable!


Plot Summary:

“Jack Sawyer, twelve years old, sets out from Arcadia Beach, New Hampshire in a bid to save his mother, who is dying from cancer, by finding a crystal called “the Talisman.” Jack’s journey takes him simultaneously through the American heartland and “the Territories”, a strange fantasy land which is set in a universe parallel to that of Jack’s America. Individuals in the Territories have “twinners,” or parallel individuals, in our world. Twinners’ births, deaths, and (it is intimated) other major life events are usually paralleled. Twinners can also “flip” or migrate to the other world, but only share the body of their alternate universe’s analogue.

In rare instances (such as Jack’s), a person may die in one world but not the other, making the survivor “single-natured” with the ability to switch back and forth, body and mind, between the two worlds. Jack is taught how to flip by a mysterious figure known as Speedy Parker, who is the twinner of a gunslinger named Parkus in the Territories. In Parkus’s world, the beloved Queen Laura DeLoessian, the twinner of Jack’s mother (a movie actress known as the “Queen of the B Movies”) is also dying.

Various people help or hinder Jack in his quest. Of particular importance are the werewolves, known simply as Wolfs, who inhabit the Territories. These are not the savage killers of tradition: they serve as royal herdsmen or bodyguards, and can sometimes under stress voluntarily change to wolf form. A sixteen-year-old Wolf, simply named Wolf, is accidentally pulled into America by Jack Sawyer and adopts Jack as his pack, serving as his companion. Wolf is extremely likeable, kind, loyal and friendly, much like a dog, though his wolf nature shows through on occasion. On the other hand, some Wolfs have joined the malevolent faction which is trying to stop Jack.

As the story goes back and forth between the Territories and the familiar United States, or “American Territories” as Jack comes to call them, Jack escapes from one life-threatening situation after another. Accompanied by Wolf and later by his childhood friend Richard, Jack must retrieve the Talisman before it falls into the hands of evil schemer Morgan Sloat, Richard’s father, who, we later learn, was Jack’s father’s business partner before arranging to have the latter murdered. He wants to seize their business from Jack’s mother. Morgan Sloat’s twinner, Morgan of Orris, also plans to seize the Territories in the event of Queen Laura’s death.”