Playing Favorites

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

26.) Q: your favorite website and/or blog


I don’t really like this question.

There are many good sites/blogs/tumblrs out there that focus on Richard, it’s hard to choose one favorite! So I’m just going to pick the first ones that come to mind. Ask me tomorrow and my answers may be different…

Favorite website

A: RichardArmitageNet

This site has Richard’s career documented wonderfully. It’s very easy to navigate, and it has a splendid photo gallery that I use quite often!

this is my face every time I browse through the RAnet Gallery
this is my face every time I browse through the RAnet Gallery

Favorite blog

A: Obsessive Behavior

I enjoy MarieAstra’s posts because she supplies a nice balance of Richard Armitage, occasionally sprinkled with other interests. I feel a kinship of sorts with her because she and I are coming at this RA obsession from similar places, in regards to us both still having strong ties to our former crushes.

(her=Hugh Jackman, me=Christian Bale)

While my blog focuses solely on Richard, she gives herself room to share and compare her former experiences. Marie’s approach is personable and honest, just like her *smiles*


Favorite tumblr

A: mezzmerized by richard

This tumblr posts daily and has an abundance of gifs, screen-caps, enhancements, etc. that I always enjoy. The 30 day challenge has really cut into my gif-time; I’m looking forward to playing catch-up over there when it’s over!