Conditions Continue To Look Grim

As I write this, Day 20 of being with my kids nonstop is waning.

*Calgon, take me away!*
Calgon, take me away!

Tomorrow’s dawn will bring with it Day 21


Tensions are running high and frustrated tears are appearing at closer and closer intervals.

*I don't care who started it, but I'm going to finish it!*
I don’t care who started it, but I’m going to finish it!

Son is determined to channel my older brother

*pull my finger...*
pull my finger…

while Daughter’s voice has taken on a shrill pitch that only Professor Xavier would encourage.

*make it S.T.O.P.*
make it S.T.O.P.

My steps vacillate between life-saving computer and X-Box timer with the daze of a zombie (or lovesick fangirl)

"rescue me! oh take me in your arms, rescue me!"
“rescue me! oh take me in your arms, rescue me!”

I hold out hope that dangerous winter temperatures will rise tomorrow, allowing me to push the kids outside and lock the door!

*Mommy's busy trying out a new hobby*
Mommy’s busy trying out a new hobby

I will continue to hold out hope, it’s the only thing (along with various Richard Armitage fanvids) that is keeping me sane.


on a more positive note: we now have Ketchup!