A Tale of Two Philips

Philip Turner

from Inspector Lynley Mysteries: in Divine Proportion


Philip Durrant

from Marple: Ordeal by Innocence


Both suspects in two different murder mysteries.

Philip Durrant is a disagreeable fellow who ends up in a wheel-chair, due to Polio. Think: Guy of Gisborne, in wool instead of leather.


Philip has been trying to get control of his wife’s money, while having countless affairs through the years.

there's a lady-friend behind that door *shh*
there’s a lady behind that door *shh*

His wife seems a bit uptight

ice cold

but that’s no reason to prey on her emotionally unstable, younger sister.

-is that hair barrette serving a purpose? I must know!-
is that hair barrette serving a purpose? I must know!

I’m not really a fan of this Philip. In fairness though, we don’t learn a whole lot about his character. Maybe he was never hugged as a child.

Heinz, is that you?
Heinz, is that you?

Now Philip Turner, on the other hand, I like much better.


In a I-know-I-should-stay-away but I-just-can’t-help-myself kind of way. Why is that? The opening scene, with the unmistakable voice, making all kinds of positive noise perhaps?  This Philip is the “other man” to a married woman. We’re led to believe that it’s nothing close to love, but if the man wants to spend the night, let him! Waking up to this:


would not be a bad thing (and might have kept you alive, just sayin’).

Philip did take part in the town “secret” though,

-should we paint the town red?... no, that only works if you're Clint Eastwood-
helpful suggestion: paint the town red. it worked for Clint Eastwood!

and suffered for it.

-I won't look where they're all looking, I won't!-
I won’t look where they’re all looking, I won’t!

So what do you think? Do both Philips belong in the Loathe Him club, or should Turner get a pass?


We Loathe Him (don’t we?)

After being so impressed with Thorin and Harry, I needed to hunt down other Richard Armitage characters. I turned to YouTube to see what was available to view on-line. Over the next several days I became familiar with John Mulligan from Moving On, Lee Preston from Cold Feet and Paul Andrews from Between the Sheets.

naughty Thornton know what I mean gif
I keep my socks on too

They were all womanizing cads! No redeeming qualities whatsoever!

Lucas That's right! gif

At least, that’s how I was supposed to feel but did I really? Let’s break this down and take a closer look.

*Spoilers Ahead!*


John the Con-Artist

Mulligan from jail
Con-Artist sounds so negative

former bad boy trying to make a name for himself by buying and selling properties. potential investment turns out to be an old flame from his younger years. he’s interested in more than the house she’s selling.

Mulligan on date gif
can I drive my purple Porsche into your parking space?

he plays a confusing game of cat and mouse, every compliment is followed by a thinly veiled insult. this seems to work though, because soon they end up in bed together and a relationship.

Mulligan in kitchen
I should insult you more often!

friends and family are constantly throwing wrenches into things, making Ellie second guess every action and reaction. finally the naysayers are proven right when John is brought up on drug charges. Ellie offers evidence, when she finds drugs in their weekend getaway luggage. At this point I’m feeling conflicted.

Mulligan peeks through window
does this mean no conjugal visits?

I don’t think I would have turned him in, no questions asked, like that. Everyone is telling her she was being used by him but I think she was also being used by them, making her constantly doubt the relationship. I believed John’s heartfelt speech from jail; does that make me a sucker too?

Verdict: John made bad choices, but was doing so as a means to an end. He wasn’t respectable, but was trying.


Paul the Inept Probation Officer

Paul kisses daughter
we know, us too

in a long-term relationship with an older woman who has an unruly teenage son, and emotional baggage from the untimely death of her husband. she’s a straightforward, brash, and somewhat emotionally stunted therapist who thinks that sex is the answer to every problem.

Paul in bed
wait, this isn’t the answer to every problem? I’m confused

Paul is a probation officer with emotional needs that haven’t been met in years, and is being accused of having an affair with one of his teenage charges. It seems to me that he is indeed guilty of the affair but is convincing himself of his own innocence while trying to cover his tracks.

Paul looking sincere
believe you? not really, but you talk a good game

I hold out hope that I’m wrong, clear ’til the end. the relationship seems to be on the upswing, when Paul let’s the guilt get the best of him and decides to tell the truth. My reaction: dumbass! the finish-line was within sight, why tell the truth now?! Not my finest moment.

Porter judging you gif

Verdict: Paul is a cad, but could possibly be reformed.


Lee the Player

Lee wink gif
meet me after, ight?

Lee is such a womanizing flirt, it’s comical! He’s dating a firecracker of an older woman who should give him a run for his money, but always seems to play right into his hands instead.

Lee makes out on couch
you are feeling verrry sleepy

Lee checks out other girls while sweet talking his girlfriend, and plays strip poker with coworkers while she’s at home playing house. it’s all a game to him that he just wants to win.

Lee strip-poker gif
oh, so that’s how you play stud poker!

after having drunken sex with a coworker, he asks girlfriend to move in with him. after they fight, girlfriend leaves. then he asks girlfriend to marry him. after coworker starts avoiding him, he actively pursues her again. Ugh! The tone of the program was funny, but Lee’s actions were not.

Verdict: Lee was a cad! no regret, and clear intentions of doing it again.


So I’m left with one misunderstood cad, one emotionally needy cad, and one womanizing cad. but each of these characters kept me engaged, kept me guessing, and stayed in my head long after the program had ended. Richard Armitage did his job wonderfully, yet again.

Sydney shrug

Do you think I’m off my rocker for sympathizing with these fellows? Which of them, if any, crept under your skin?