Embraceable Me: a fan history

A few fandom members seem to be looking back lately and recalling why they were drawn to Richard Armitage initially. So I thought this might be a good time to look back a bit at my fan history, in the general sense, what led me to embrace this particular type of hobby.

*look back, look back at me!*
look back, look back at me

I’ve always enjoyed watching movies and television. Being an extremely shy child, it became an easy way for me to connect with family members who didn’t quite know how to interact with me.

if we’re in the same room, that counts as spending time together

My father and I would regularly watch westerns, spy thrillers, and Karate films together.

blood optional
blood optional

You’re not allowed to talk when watching television with my Dad, questions have to wait for commercials or until the end credits roll. this caused me to often miss the plot entirely.

what just happened?
what just happened?

My older brother and I would memorize movie lines word-for-word and shout them out while the movie was playing.

"you're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?"
‘you’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?’

This was the only time our activities together didn’t involve competition of some sort, or end with me crying.

"may the Schwartz be with you"
‘may the Schwartz be with you’

As I grew older and my viewing partners became wrapped up in their responsibilities

 "time to make the donuts!"
time to make the donuts!

I spent my time engulfed in old black & white reruns on television.

Eddie Haskell, Denis the Menace; I liked those mischievous boy-next-door types
Eddie Haskell, Denis the Menace; I liked those mischievous types

And while my school friends moved on into puberty without me–I fought against it, kicking and screaming!



we acquired pay-per-view movies and I was in Heaven!

as I said, Heaven
as I said, Heaven

Being the serious-minded child I was, my tastes ran more towards war, separation, and death.

I was a barrel of laughs!
I was a barrel of laughs.

Puberty did eventually catch up with me, and brought with it the propensity to crush on cute boys.

sit by me at Lunch? check "yes" or "no"
sit by me at Lunch? check yes or no

After I was married and moved away from family and friends, the hobby of crushing on actors became a comfort to me. As an adult, different things interested me than before. I was attracted to the personal way an actor approached their craft, and what type of character lay underneath that chameleon skin. I needed to respect these men in order to admire them.


were they the kind of men that would not only watch television alongside of me, but encourage my questions about the plot?

*interesting viewpoint*
interesting viewpoint

were they the kind of men who could lightheartedly tease without being purposely mean?

thank you for asking
thank you for asking

I recently read a suggestion that the average duration of an intense infatuation is 3 years. Hmm. Well, my first adult celebrity crush (Ewan McGregor) ran it’s course for 8 years. Granted, I kept it quiet for awhile and never interacted with anyone concerning it.

it's probably worth mentioning that I could hardly write an e-mail at this point; computers inevitably broke when I touched them
it’s probably worth mentioning that I could hardly write an e-mail at this point; computers broke when I touched them

Crush number two (Christian Bale) went strong for 5 years. I was heavily active on a fan-forum with this one (still didn’t know how to post a picture, or even understand the concept of fan-fiction yet)

other people care what I think?
other people care what I think?

Number three was a book series and actor wrapped into one (Twilight/Robert Pattinson), and it lasted 3 years. I was the most involved in that one. I fought those pesky computer gremlins and overcame my technophobia!

I not only know what that button does, I also know it's name!
I not only know what that button does, I also know it’s name!

Number two hasn’t really left, just the obsessive nature surrounding it.


I moved on from number three for various reasons that didn’t necessarily concern me, personally.

Snow White did what to the sparkly vampire, again? look, unless it's about a dwarf named Thorin, I just don't care.
Snow White did what to the sparkly vampire? unless it’s about a dwarf named Thorin, I just don’t care.

I sometimes hover around the fandom fringes of my favorite television show (Lost), or my favorite book series (Outlander), but getting into long-winded debates about them just doesn’t interest me.


So taking into account my history, how long will this crush on Richard Armitage last?

signs point to yes
signs point to yes

I try to embrace what makes me happy. There will always be those who don’t understand; I’m not forcing them to. This is me and it always has been, to varying degrees. I celebrate and share that which I admire. I’m better with it than without it; that should be explanation enough.


as long as this continues, I can see myself settling down here quite contentedly. The fresh air is nice and the exercise is proving beneficial. The scenery is enjoyable too…

Not Impressed…yet

It was an online friend from a different fandom who introduced me to Richard Armitage. This friend really liked Mr. Thornton. She didn’t have anyone to gush about him with though, or anyone who had even heard of the actor’s real name.

who’s Mr.Thornton?

When The Hobbit promotions started in December of 2012, my friend thought that maybe now she could finally persuade some of us to join her.

I will bend you to my will

She continued to post various pictures of Mr. Thornton on our community message board, along with a few from Richard’s photo shoots. I initially thought he wasn’t bad looking, he had beautiful eyes and a classic dignified nose.

oh! his eyes are pretty!

But what was this North & South that she kept going on about? Wasn’t that a Civil War saga, starring Patrick Swayze?

Civil War? Patrick Swayze?!

Eh, I wasn’t really in the mood for another period piece at the moment. I think I’ll pass. how enticing can a cravat be, really?

it’s not you, it’s me

My friend then informed me that this unheard of crush of hers was starring in the upcoming Hobbit film. Well, now you’ve got my attention! I was a long time Tolkien fan and had been eagerly awaiting the movie.

I bought this poster when I was in High School. it’s currently hanging in the kid’s playroom. they think it’s creepy.

I didn’t know much about the film itself, preferring to go the wide eyed & innocent route this time around. Which character did you say this guy was playing? Thorin? But he’s old and grumpy!

I’ll just wait here until you get a clue


 What were your first thoughts of Richard?

do you think she’s seen the light yet?



*knock! knock!*

Hi! I’m new here *waves* new to the Richard Armitage fandom and new to blogging, but not to fandoms in general.

fandoms make the world go round!

I’ve found it interesting, the different paths I’ve taken to get to the fandoms I’ve been a part of. In some instances I’ve gone the casual route, lurking in the shadows, while others have become a well-worn path that I travel every day. What is it about the RA fandom that has made me take off & running with it so quickly?

it’s only been 4 months

So I thought it might be fun to center a Richard Armitage fan blog around charting the path that I’ve been traveling, the order I’ve discovered things in, and my thoughts along the way. I’ve talked a bit about Richard to online friends in different venues, so I have a record of things to use as a guide.

immortalized for all time

Pictures, quotes, interviews, and my insane ramblings will abound.

let me make a fool of myself, just a few more times!

My geeky tangents will be sure to work their way in as well. When Harry says, “Sorry, all over the shop today!” I can definitely relate.

what kind of shop are we talking about? do they have a rewards card?

So that’s the direction I plan to take with this blog. I never walk a straight path, you discover more when you wander!

Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road


 Has your discovery of Richard Armitage been a slow stroll, a brisk walk, or an embarrassing sprint?

slow down! you’re missing all the good stuff!