It’s Not My FAULT!

It was around this time in my pursuit of all things Richard Armitage, that the Fault photoshoot emerged.


I had heard whisperings and murmurs of anticipation for this particular shoot, and was interested to see if it met expectations. Some parts I really liked




those that seemed to be the fan favorites though, I didn’t.


that pocket-flap is really distracting
that pocket-flap is really distracting

I think it was the use of black and white in this instance that I didn’t like. The texture of the stripped shirt seems too rough, the scruffy facial hair looks like wire, and the distortion on the magazine cover itself just looks dirty. *cringes and waits for backlash* This gruffness looked so unlike the Richard Armitage I was becoming familiar with, that he almost seemed like an impostor.

nope, don't really like the shirt in color either
don’t really like the shirt in color either

Looking back on my reactions now though, maybe I was being a bit biased. For you see, only days prior I had discovered some older candid shots of Richard in a wool cap….Street RA had gotten to me first!


I loved these photos instantly, and I still do.

The Friendly Demeanor


The Modest Magnetism

pocket flap still distracting
pocket flap still distracting

The Hat


The Jacket


The Jeans


even the worn leather Attache Case!

So the fact that I wasn’t moved by that highly anticipated photoshoot wasn’t my Fault at all! Candid Richard Armitage just has a sneaky charm about him that Professional Richard Armitage has no hope against.