Survey Says

Last week I participated in a questionnaire for the Liebster Award. I then nominated a few bloggers and provided questions for them to answer. Preoccupied with Armitage and Ancient Armitage have since answered the questions on their own blogs and passed the nominations forward. So now I’m going to answer my own questions. I enjoy doing this because it makes me really stop and think about what I like/don’t like and why, instead of just giving rote answers. okay, here goes:


1.) is there a song you like different versions, covers, of? which is your favorite?

I enjoy song covers in general. I find it interesting to see how different artists emphasize certain parts of a song or even change it completely. “Hallelujah” is a song cover that I enjoy various versions of, though I prefer the Rufus Wainwright version. Some think it’s a depressing song but I find beauty in it’s realism. how love can make us lose ourselves in negative ways, yet we keep coming back for more.

She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

don't look at me like that Guy, it's a metaphor!
don’t look at me like that Guy, it’s a metaphor!

Most of the lyrics do center around the bleak retelling of a past relationship, but it includes lyrics like this as well:


And remember when I moved in you
The holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

oh, like that one better, do ya?
like that one better, do you? (me too)

2.) what is something that you’re afraid of that you’d like to force yourself to face?

my aversion to drinking alcohol. not that I want to force myself to like it but I close myself off to the possibility that I could.  I learned, by trial and error, not to trust what anyone said while drinking. It wasn’t the negative things said that were the problem, it was the positive. It messes with your psyche when people can only give you compliments while under the influence, show you affection while chasing a buzz, share their hidden fears and desires with you while struggling to remain conscious- and then walking right past you without a second glance when they’re sober.


3.) what is your favorite footware of Richard’s?

The boots. any and all kinds.



4.) what is your favorite photography subject?




5.) what is a habit of yours that you’d like to break?

procrastination. I somehow see it as a control issue: you can’t make me do this until I’m good and ready to do so! but then if I”m never really ready and it’s something that I should/have to do, then I’m late or at least down to the very last minute. it’s annoying to me and I’m sure doubly annoying to others.


6.) have you ever had a dream about Richard Armitage? share a short summary.

My sister had come for a visit (I don’t actually have a sister), so I was cooking a big dinner for her and our family. We sat down to eat and the adults suddenly started snickering because apparently I was the worst cook ever and could even mess up boiling water. Richard dumped salt, like heaping mounds of it, over everyone’s plates to save them from my horrible cooking. I dejectedly arose from the table and started cleaning up while my sister declared we were having cake & ice cream for dinner, making the kids cheer. Afterwards Richard felt bad, so he invited me out onto the porch with him, where I perched myself on his knee as he kissed my head in apology…the end. 


he was a jerkface & I was pathetic; good times!

whot? hand over the salt!

7.) what was the first professional play you saw and how did it affect you?

Peter Pan, when I was 17 years old. I was fascinated to see how the story was brought to life. It was a smaller production so although Peter did fly, some of the sets where just tricks of light and shadows instead of elaborate sets, which I found very inventive.


8.) what has been your least favorite pet that you owned and why?

my pet mouse, Pat. he was mean and put me in embarrassing situations.


9.) if you could insert yourself into a RA film as an original character, which would it be and how would you effect the outcome of the story?

Since I can only share one example, though I have several (active daydreamer, remember!) I’m going to go with the Into the Storm version where I’m Kaitlyn’s single mother who teams up with Gary to find our missing children. we get together in the end, which may prove awkward for Donnie.

Trey: did you hear the good news? Dad bought Kaitlyn’s mom a ring! Donnie: FML.

10.) what is your favorite movie about classical mythology?

up until a few years ago I would have quickly answered “Clash of the Titans” because there wasn’t really much else to choose from. We have several more movies that could fit into this category now, but I tend to get them all mixed up. Which one cooked people alive inside that big metal cow? I’ll go with that one…


11.) share a random Richard Armitage related confession

Thorin has become one of my favorite RA characters, and that was a development I did not anticipate. I liked him instantly in The Hobbit: an unexpected journey but he was pretentious, had long hair, and I knew his story ended with him succumbing to the gold sickness and acting like a spoiled brat; kind of killed the swoon factor. But now he’s really grown on me and I respect him immensely (collecting all of the fan quotes for The Thorin Project greatly aided in this). When I saw the recent conclusion to his story, I didn’t look at him as being a spoiled brat but someone who had very human faults that he tried to fight and overcome. I have very warm feelings towards Thorin now, and when you factor in that it’s because of him that I was drawn into my Richard Armitage Admiration to begin with, he holds a special place in my heart that even Harry can’t touch.

he’s a snazzy dresser as well


It’s the Little Things

The Battle of the Five Armies promo blitz is upon us.

Are we having fun yet?

me, browsing my Twitter timeline
me, browsing my Twitter timeline

Promotional Tours have trouble holding my attention. I absorb things at a much slower pace. I’d rather click on something out of genuine curiosity than obligation. When things are thrown at me all at once, it just becomes too much. I like seeing the different clothes Richard turns up in and I enjoy reading/viewing the various interviews but I need to do it on my own time frame.

he likes colorful socks...Oof! *gets taken down by furry Emu*
he likes colorful socks…Oof! *gets taken down by furry Emu*

This is not to say that I don’t fangirl, that I don’t get excited about things. the things I prefer are just slightly lower-key. This summer when a performance of The Crucible was cancelled and Richard unexpectedly showed up to converse with fans, casually dressed in a baseball cap


and jeans that made his legs look miles long


I had a meltdown! I was seriously excited, like Beatle Mania kind of excited. over a hat.


and even though the stories that came pouring in about how affecting John Proctor was in his intensity made me puff up with well-wishing pride, Gary Morris(I know it’s “Fuller” but I like Morris better) in his starched slacks entranced me so much that I found myself willingly attending a Tornado flick. My family suspects Voodoo Magic, it’s the only reasonable explanation.

"I'm nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream"
“I’m nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream”

My approach to photoshoots are similar. An overall image may grab my attention initially but it’s the little things in them that will really cement a photo into my consciousness.

veins in the hand
those veins in the hand

the blue LV sweater is a prime example. I never recoiled from it like so many others did but I could take it or leave it. as it became a more familiar sight though, I found myself really drawn in by it. Richard in that sweater conveys a strong sense of virility: the contrast of the heavy sweater against the forearms, the bulk it adds to his commanding stride, the touch of whimsy it stands against in the superhero tone.

love that expression!
love that expression!

As the BOTFA promos and premieres continue, I will be reading spoilers and I will be sighing over suits


and I will be perusing the interviews in hopes that my RA will make an appearance:

TPS: were you required to wear any prosthetics? you have a sizable nose in the films

RA: umm…that’s actually my nose

TPS: oh, is it

RA: no, I’m kidding! I’m joking!

TPS: oh, God [… ] I nearly sank through the floor

but all in moderation. after it’s all said and done I’ll go back and savor all the things that I missed, spread them out over the dry months ahead. RichardArmitageCentral and RichardArmitageNet make this very easy and convenient. BIG THANKS go out to the special people who collect and archive for these sites so brilliantly ❤

if Richard shows up in the funky button jeans though, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

decorum? what decorum?

*interview excerpt from audio of The Picture Show interview on Irish Radio.

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been *insert BS excuse here*

What I’ve really been doing is losing track of time and space while reading too much fan-fiction! I think I’ve gotten it out of my system (mostly), so I should be more talkative soon. In the meantime:


I love the funky button jeans and I won’t apologize for it!



they’re different enough from the norm to be eye-catching but not so unconventional that they invite intense scrutiny.



they was dancin’ and singin’

and movin’ to the groovin’…

The Least

Music & More Challenge

11.) least favorite outfit worn by a RA character


I think this might be my grandmother’s power walking outfit. She’s 83 years old and still more active than me, so I probably shouldn’t make fun. but putting Harry in that outfit? Geraldine knew exactly what she was doing 😉


music question: your least favorite song

anything by The Lonely Island


I don’t think they’re funny. I don’t like the swearing. The music is annoying.

Friends and Enemies

RA Character challenge

I’m going to combine a few of these next questions because I don’t like making such short posts!

18.) The Character with Whom You Would be Best Friends

Harry Kennedy

My  affection for Harry has it’s foundation in friendship. That’s not to say that I don’t find him swoony or that I don’t feel strongly about him, because I do. But I appreciate that easy affectionate camaraderie that he had with his sister most. I find that very appealing.

19.) The Character with Whom You Would be Frenemies


Not that I would secretly consider him an enemy, I just wouldn’t have a whole lot of respect for him. When the chips are down, I wouldn’t purposely abandon him but I wouldn’t go running to his rescue either; he needs to climb out of the hole he dug for himself by himself. That and he’d probably get on my nerves routinely, like a spoiled relative.

do Frenemies share benefits? just wondering.

20.) The Character You Would Openly Hate and be Enemies with

possibly William Chatford because he seems so arrogant (I’ve not watched enough of him to get a clear opinion of his character) but maybe Philip Durant too, because he’s so pleasant to be around…

21.) The Character You Would Dress as For a Halloween/Costume Party

that’s easy: Guy of Gisborne!