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Fan A-Z Challenge

E.) Which of RA’s audio chARacters do you think he should play in a film adaptation?
I’m going to skip this question because I’m not a fan of audio books. I liked A Convenient Marriage, Venetia was okay, Lords of The North put me to sleep, and I quit Hamlet 20 minutes in.


F.) Name a play that you wish RA would do.
I’m not a big theatre goer. not that I don’t like plays, I do, I just haven’t had the opportunity to see many. my grand total is 8, most of which were musicals.


G.) How long have you been in the fandom, and how has your attitude to the fandom changed during that time?
The answer to this one is so long winded, it makes up for skipping the previous two!
get comfy, this is going to take awhile…

I started lurking in this fandom in January of 2013, before starting this blog 4 months later. I announced my decision to stop blogging about Richard Armitage in late August of 2016- only to go against that decision and create a temporary blog to work through my confusion. I deleted that blog and moved those posts to my Getting Caught Up In The Mechanism blog, where I now blog about actors and fandom (Richard included). even after I stopped blogging about Richard here, I still kept a toe in the fandom by continuing to lurk on other blogs. so I’ve been a part of this fandom for 5 years, a ‘superfan’ for 3. truthfully, I started wavering during year two but something kept pulling me back in.

In the beginning, fandom was a dream come true for me because talk centered around one subject above all others and pretty much stuck to that subject throughout. I’ve gotten to know many of you through discussing Richard. sharing our experiences in relation to storylines, character traits, aesthetic preferences, etc. this is how my brain works, I learn through story telling. give me a text book and I will fall asleep after page 2 but give me a movie/book/song that is fiction-based-on-fact, and I will eat it up in record time. I had been a member of 2 small groups in 2 different fandoms before this one, so I just assumed I would do the same within the RA blogging community as well. except the community reached farther than I thought it did. there were more blogs to read and comment on, more content to catch up on, more opportunities to interact with other fans…more frustration when the community became distracted by personal issues, opinions, and opposing methods of dealing with conflict. I didn’t sign up for that. I had a lot of positive experiences within the fandom but the negativity seemed to dim their light. I am highly sensitive to underlying tension. some fans are able to shake that stuff off, ignore it if it doesn’t touch them directly; I am not one of those fans. I feel it in every wink and eye roll. I try to escape it by finding greener pastures, only to step into it again.

a glitch in the Matrix?

All of this was a constant push and pull to me, then Richard jumped into fandom himself, affecting a significant part of my fandom experience. I struggled with how big of a part that was. fandom was fandom and Richard was Richard and never the two shall meet. when they did meet? I cannot put into words how much that threw me off kilter. I could no longer separate Richard from fandom. when I finally came to terms with it all, observing from the outside instead of participating from the inside, the good memories overshadowed the bad and I was able to let the bitterness go. but that part of me that was damaged never recovered.

August 22, 2014-a date which will live in infamy.

I have such happy memories of my interactions on this blog. the silly captions and all those reaction gifs, the sometimes deep and sometimes shallow but always enjoyable discussions in the comment section, the familiar avatars of my readers and the warm feeling I get when I still see them on Twitter. it’s easier to let the hurt go now that I’ve opened myself up to other actors. I don’t regret this blog, I don’t regret the fandom friends I made, I don’t regret falling for Richard. it’s shaped me and helped me grow as a person in ways I didn’t anticipate but greatly value.

❤ ❤ ❤


Who Done It?

Murder mysteries are difficult for me to follow. when reading them, I’m constantly flipping back and forth through pages, trying to keep it all straight. when watching them, I make my guess on “who done it” fairly early, but then spend the rest of the time hopelessly lost! so when I happened upon an old notebook recently and found a set of notes I took while watching Miss Marple: ordeal by innocence, I had a hard time making heads or tails of them. adding pictures may help.



-Gwenda, the secretary, longs for her boss.

while he dreams of a galaxy Far, Far Away


-Jacko (the villain) implores his Mother for money.



-Family, relaxing by the fire, hear argument but seem relatively(puns are fun!) unconcerned.



-Jacko tries to kill Mother, but family saves her. Mother wonders if she’s done right by her children, then tells Jacko’s brother (Bobby) that she shouldn’t have bothered adopting him & his brother.

oh, burn!


-meanwhile: Housekeeper runs into Philip, who’s been behind closed doors with a woman who is not his wife.

finger porn
finger porn


eyelash porn
eyelash porn


-Housekeeper finds Mother dead.

cause of death: reading Dr. Quinn fanfiction


-Phillip calls police.

more finger porn
more finger porn


-Jacko suspected of murder, yet he seems unconcerned. trusts his alibi of hitchhiking, claiming he can describe the driver. gets arrested anyway.

house porn
house porn


*Two Years Later*

-Gwenda the secretary writes to Miss Marple, inviting her to a wedding (her and the bossman are getting married). Gwenda is glad to have Marple with her because the family doesn’t like her.

shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!
shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!


-Philip is now in a wheelchair.

*sad panda*
*sad panda*


-family plays charades together, Phillip makes a correct guess.

Phillip has smiled. this is truly a momentous day!



-a rambling Professor shows up with an alibi for Jacko. too bad he’s already been executed.



*Break for Backstory*

Mother adopted a bunch of kids. she tried to make it a happy family, but she was more indulgent than loving. the family’s oldest daughter married Phillip, who was a pilot but now suffers from Polio. Bobby (the good son) & Jacko (the bad son) are twins. Hester seems simple minded and possibly unstable. Tina is the youngest, a bit wild, and especially close with her brother Mickey.

Angsty porn
Angsty porn

*Break over*

-Philip cynically asks which one of the children killed their mother.

dinner conversation Fail
dinner conversation Fail


-Wife takes Phillip back to their house. he taunts her and says he always knew she was capable of killing.

wet forelock porn
wet forelock porn


*Information Drop*

Housekeeper tells Miss Marple that Jacko had a secret wife. she came looking for money from the family while he was in jail. she said she knows Jacko committed the murder because he was found with the stolen money.

Bobby tells Miss Marple that he & sis visited Jacko while he was in jail. Bobby lamented that he should have been more like his brother; taking the blame for the murder was the best thing Jacko ever did.

Hester tells Prof that Mom & Brother’s death was a good thing.

me, wondering WTF is going on!
me, wondering WTF is happening


-an Inspector is brought in to question everyone. Phillip smirks when his wife doesn’t mention him being with another woman during the night in question.

slightly greasy forelock porn
greasy forelock porn


-Housekeeper is overheard discussing Gwen’s motive with Husband/Father. she says Gwen had a fight with the Mother because she wanted the house & money. Tina suggests that it was Gwen as well. Micky tells Prof that Bobby is the good son. Miss Marple influences the Inspector.

good to know I'm not the only one who is lost
good to know someone knows what’s going on!


-Gwen searches for evidence in Mother’s room and finds a business card. Mom was having Phillip investigated, she suspected he was only married for the money. Mother had list with names of other women connected to Phillip.

ohhh, Fuuudddge
ohhh, Fuuudddge


-Prof is now convinced that Phillip is guilty and tells Gwen. they find Jacko’s wife to question her. she said he made a habit of conning older women out of their money.

how would one go about doing that? asking for a friend...
‘how does one go about doing that? asking for a friend…’


-Bobby won’t hand over control of his sister’s money, which makes Phillip angry(er).



-a neighbor boy says Tina’s motorbike was at the house the night of the murder. Tina is questioned about the discrepancy, Mickey flips out. Dad is trying to stay positive through it all but Housekeeper is trying to turn all of the children against Gwen. she says Mother gave Phillip an ultimatum to leave, but wife doesn’t believe it.

if you love him, be proud of him, 'cause after all he's just a man...
if you love him, be proud of him, ’cause after all he’s just a man


-Dad breaks up with Gwen, asks her to leave. Bobby contemplates suicide. Phillip searches through papers in the Study…and someone kills Gwen.

-Police find weapon, arrest Dad. Miss Marple finds wheel tracks in Study. Phillip talks privately with Hester saying, “they might be onto us”. wife sees.



-Prof finds out Jacko did not con older women out of their money. their pants, on the other hand…



-Phillip argues with Bobby about money. Bobby drops a case filled with family silver, runs away. Prof finds Hester, seems suicidal. Bobby won’t help him calm her down. Bobby leaves in a rowboat instead and throws himself in the lake. he drowns.

that's a clue
‘I feel a monologue coming’


-Miss Marple tells everyone that Bobby was involved in fraud and was about to be caught. Hester was the girl Phillip had an affair with. Mickey and Tina fell in love, Mother knew and was protecting them. meanwhile, Housekeeper was in love with Jacko. he told her to kill Mother.

*Plot Twist*


-Housekeeper let Jacko die in prison because he didn’t tell her he was married.

Every cliche about hired help
every cliche about hired help


Bonus Pic because: connections

"Star Wars" alums, Ewan McGregor & Uncle Denis
Ewan McGregor & Uncle Denis