Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum

Yes, it’s Harry again!

Jungle Drum, created by TeaRoseProductions

I really like how certain scenes in this video speed up, it gives a playful feel that matches the song choice. Especially in the beginning when Geraldine is shown excitedly running past her cottage and then also at the end, during the wedding scene.

The cutesy effects of hearts and whatnot (which I usually do not like) is tastefully done and adds a youthful feel. That look Geraldine gives Harry as he’s telling her about her “debt”, the way a transparent heart surrounds Harry, and then how what he’s saying seems to go along with the “kiss, kiss, kiss” of the song lyrics; it’s the fun touches like that which make this video so enjoyable to me.

Plus, Harry does make my heart beat like a Jungle Drum 😉

Puppy Love

RA Character challenge

3.) Favorite Couple

Harry & Geraldine

Their courtship is so cute and sweet, it makes me feel like a teenager all over again!

The serendipity of first meetings

The enticement

of being pursued

The nervousness

of first dates

The camaraderie

of courtship

The playfulness

of friendship

The pull

of attraction


stalking 😛

The vulnerable


that it will someday

lead to:

banner by Angelfish69

Classic, Pure Gold

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 5

Essential Richard Armitage classic must see

Answer: The Vicar of Dibley-The Handsome Stranger


Why would I not pick Harry for this answer?


resistance is futile!
resistance is futile!

From the moment his tall-dark-and-handsome self answered the door with that sweet smile,

I was hooked.


He started discussing books and being flirty

and dropping his voice…

Well-There-You-Go, indeed!!
Well-There-You-Go, indeed!!

and I was gone.


Then came the whole

stark crisp exterior with the promise of softness beneath

you bad, bad boy...
you bad, bad boy…





I picked myself up though, and tried to pay attention 😳

Dawn French is actually very funny; pair that with Richard’s straight man routine

 and it’s just classic, pure gold! 😎


From that point forward it was a constant roller-coaster of











Harry steals my heart


banner by Mag
banner by Mag


does a little too 😉


(non-Armitage answer: It’s a Wonderful Life)

Salvation Lies Within

While recently watching one of my favorite movies,

The Shawshank Redemption


I had another It all comes back to Richard moment


turn back if you haven’t seen the movie


It was the climax of the film, when Warden & company find that Andy is not in his prison cell for morning roll call. As we’re taken through his escape plan, it’s revealed that Andy tunneled his way out


using an ordinary rock-hammer that he kept hidden in his bible


much like Geraldine hid a chocolate bar in her bible.

Salvation Lies Within

On a related note, I took my kids to see “Catching Fire” today… because they needed schooled on how to overthrow me properly. Not to worry though, I already have the poster for my prison wall picked out:


salvation optional

The Handsome Stranger

Harry hands in pockets
hello, handsome!

Now that I had more a sense of who Richard Armitage the man was, I needed to become more familiar with Richard Armitage the actor. My friend immediately suggested I watch North & South, but I didn’t want something so involved so soon. She then suggested Vicar of Dibley: The Handsome Stranger, assuring me that not only would I adore Harry but it was our kind of humor, so I would have a good laugh as well. She was correct on both counts.

Admittedly it may not have been love at first sight for me, in regards to Richard Armitage, but it was for Harry Jasper Kennedy.

Harry together forever gif
me too, Harry, me too.

From the moment he opened that cottage door, (Richard does know how to make an entrance, doesn’t he?) through the display and discussion of books, to the subtle yet electrifying moments of sexual tension…

Well, there you go.”

Harry read to you
are we reading the Phone Book? because I’d be okay with that

As the story progressed I learned to love zany Alice, odd Owen, stuttering Jim and the rest of the Dibley gang; and the little picturesque village itself. The blossoming romance between Geraldine the sassy, sarcastic Vicar and Harry the sweet, charming Londoner, had me entranced.

Harry hand-kissing gif
can we bring this practice back? pretty please?

I swooned through their date, laughed at the misunderstandings and mishaps, and even choked up a bit for Geri’s underlying loneliness. Contrary to Geraldine’s statement that she had yet to see Harry’s faults, I was tallying up a few: He was a chronic interrupter, a tad bit rude by answering his phone during their first stroll, and a little bit creepy by coming back to her door just to have one last look. Not to mention his somewhat impulsive and poorly planned proposal.

Harry forgive me gif

I love romance, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also a realist. I have to find some flaws before I can truly approve of you; pedestals are boring.

Harry scarf promo shot

Harry had won me over and compared to Thorin, showed me that Richard Armitage had versatility. Broody vs. Charming, Majestic vs. Cheeky; both Thorin and Harry were interesting and enjoyable characters. What other surprises was Richard hiding under his acting belt? Acting, Ladies, I said acting! focus, will you?

Harry visit here tonight gif

Harry third date gif

Not Helping, Harry!

Harry sum of one kiss gif

Harry with tongues gif

Damn you, Harry! *throws hands up in air* Well, now that I’ve lost you all anyway, I’ll conclude with my favorite Harry fan-vid

and this, just because