Fanvid Friday: something beautiful

Something Beautiful by rijyezh on YouTube

I’ve been meaning to resume the “Fanvid Fridays” but I keep forgetting! After my post about eyebrows earlier today, I thought of this video and how very many eyebrow raises there are in it! It’s my favorite fanvid of all, and apart from Harry, maybe the eyebrows are the reason why? I never really thought of that aspect before.

So many up close shots of Harry and his beautiful smile too

the flirty “handsome stranger” scene at 1:43 paired with the lyric “this is my desire consume me like a fire” is particularly enticing.

flirty eyebrows are the best kind of eyebrows
flirty eyebrows are the best kind of eyebrows

The Eye…brows Have it

Music & More Challenge

8.) favorite facial expression

raised eyebrows


Whether they’re in reaction

to something


or just used to convey

a certain mood


I really

can’t resist them!


Whether they’re

used on purpose


or are

more subtle


they make me feel

all giddy and


yes, exactly!


music question

another top 5 favorite song: Long May You Run by Neil Young

I think it’s sweet how the car becomes a person in this song. He’s remembering fun times they had together. The whimsy of comparing a car to a person makes me smile but then the feelings behind the memories takes me back to the different cars in my life that have made so many of my memories possible.

Well, it was
back in Blind River in 1962
When I last saw you alive
But we missed that shift
on the long decline
Long may you run.

and how difficult it can be to

say good-bye to a car sometimes.