A Conversation With Richard: in Gifs

Hello, Richard.

Richard waving gif

The fandom is gearing up for an impromptu celebration of how you make us feel.

SpongeBob SquarePants bowing to RA poster gif

Popcorn Taxi #SRSLY gif

yes, that’s how you make most of us feel! Should the focus be a little less Sex-God

raised eyebrows gif

and a little more…clueless?

Popcorn Taxi searching for waterbottle gif

Popcorn Taxi finger-wag gif

just kidding! Let’s talk about this instead:

biggest sword interview gif

Waterstone "No, no!" gif

Or your past attempts at appearing suave, maybe?

the Lean gif

Waterstone "Don't, don't" gif

Do you think you’re a Sex-God?

"in many ways" gif

Martin and Richard thumbs up gif

Okay, Mr. Ego, Sex-God it is then…

Glamour street swagger gif

FAULT bicep gif

slashing across neck gesture gif


ruining life gif

Andy, Martin, and Richard laughing gif

You’re fun to tease.

Popcorn Taxi "...yeah" gif

Confession: out of all of your characters, Richard Armitage is my favorite

bashful laughing on The Today Show gif

Thanks for talking with me today, Richard!

moving handshake gif


Popcorn Taxi "are you welling up?" gif

I kind of want to latch onto your leg and never let go

that would be weird gif

only if you make it weird

laughing, stripped tie gif

so…*awkward silence* how should we end this?

see you at home? gif

Liz Lemmon fainting gif

Gisborne era interview laughing gif