Fanvid Friday: Lullaby

Lullaby, created by Delicate Blossom and sung by the Dixie Chicks is a nice, soothing multi-character fanvid that I turn to often when I need a smile.

Having Harry and John Standring together in the same video is a treat for me, as you can imagine, but to then add in John Thornton, Monet, Paul Andrews, and Guy, etc. makes this vid really enjoyable! The melody of the song is really nice and when you add in the lyrics, there is a relevance there for a lot of RA fans.

I especially like how the line “life began when I saw your face, and I hear your laugh like a serenade” is illustrated by glimpses of Harry and John Standring. Even though I prefer pre-haircut Standring, that smile goes straight to the heart!

At around the :50 mark though, that soft look of John Thornton’s gives it a run for it’s money! As with all of the fanvids that I like, I enjoy the scenes that are chosen to accompany the lyrics in certain spots. For example:

“How long do you want to be loved? is forever enough, is forever enough?”

first with Harry and Geraldine holding hands on their walk, and then later on when we see Guy kneeling down to propose to Marian.

I appreciate the bedroom scenes chosen too. The ones with Paul convey the closeness and safety between a couple, even when they’re having problems. And Monet is playful, smiling that sweet smile of new love.

This video makes me feel all sappy and happy! I’m going to go watch it again…

and again…and again.

“cause I’m never, never giving you up”

Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum

Yes, it’s Harry again!

Jungle Drum, created by TeaRoseProductions

I really like how certain scenes in this video speed up, it gives a playful feel that matches the song choice. Especially in the beginning when Geraldine is shown excitedly running past her cottage and then also at the end, during the wedding scene.

The cutesy effects of hearts and whatnot (which I usually do not like) is tastefully done and adds a youthful feel. That look Geraldine gives Harry as he’s telling her about her “debt”, the way a transparent heart surrounds Harry, and then how what he’s saying seems to go along with the “kiss, kiss, kiss” of the song lyrics; it’s the fun touches like that which make this video so enjoyable to me.

Plus, Harry does make my heart beat like a Jungle Drum 😉

Fanvid Friday: Lucas and Elizabeta

Lucas and Elizabeta.

Why did the Spooks writers never go anywhere with this? Why?! This lovely fanvid by bccmee is sad but sweet at the same time, and all I have of a storyline that could have gone so many ways and still been so full of heart, no matter the outcome.

We know that Lucas has been thinking of his wife, technically ex-wife though he had no control over that, the whole time he has been gone; only to come back and see that she has moved on without him. The soft regretful looks from Lucas and the distressed but resolute looks from Elizabeta that are so prominently displayed in the clips chosen, do me in each time that I watch.

Pass the tissues please!

The scene of Lucas in her kitchen, feeling ashamed of his prison tattoo and trying to hide it. What must it be like to be removed for eight years and then to come back and see that everyone and everything has gone on without you? The look Elizabeta gives Lucas before someone starts to come through the door and break their moment, is almost like a caress: I don’t know what has happened to you. I want to understand, to ease that burden for you but I can’t. Please understand why I can’t. Lucas welcomes the caress, craves it, and savors if for the few seconds that he’s afforded. To be connected to her again.

The ignored call at the office, the smile of remembrance, and then the scenes of Elizabeta being dragged into the political mess that is Lucas’ life. He needs to let her go, for so many reasons. Their heartfelt parting squeezes my heart; so difficult! Lucas senses her loyalty to him and her longing, but loves her enough to let her go.

Oh Lucas!

*runs away, crying*

Fanvid Friday: Free

Another Fanvid from Delicate Blossom,

this time featuring John Porter and the Song Free by Vast.

I really like the gritty song choice for this one, it goes along perfectly with John’s rebel nature and creates a kick-ass vibe to parallel all the fight scenes. The lyrics emphasize the point that Porter is done following the rules and being kept in his place, and so a lot of the scenes featured are of his no-nonsense actions as he gets the job done.


I like when Porter and Masuku are being thrown through the air in slow-motion and how that instigates the music change. There are then overlapping images of Porter’s face on top of scenes illustrating that John has had a purpose in what he’s doing: Katie’s rescue, being reunited with his family, and what he’s had to endure in the process.


And then we end with the iconic image of Porter driving off into the sunset as a picture taken from the very beginning during the Bratton Extraction, where it all went wrong, is shown alongside.

John is free, he’s redeemed himself and cleared his name.


Fanvid Friday: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

It’s Harry today ❤

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Delicate Blossom, with song by Tingsek

I seem to be having a renewal of my crush on Harry lately, so I’ve been watching this fanvid quite a bit. Not 5 seconds in and I’m smiling big each time that I watch it!

At first it just seems like a bunch of random scenes, but when the music breaks there are subtle instances of the scenes mirroring the tone or sound. During the first change between verses, Harry steps around the corner and sort of cranes his neck a bit, which goes along perfectly with that drawn out pause in the music.


What I especially like about this video, is that it’s not just a showcase of Harry alone but Geraldine too, and her reactions to him. It gives us a peek at Geraldine’s uniqueness and shows us why Harry might find her endearing,

flowers are nice but the way to my heart is through laughter

My favorite part of the video is when Harry is playfully grabbing at Geraldine in her pajamas as he sits on the arm of the couch.


It’s just such a normal thing,

that moment between them 🙂