Can’t Fight the Friction

It’s Meet Cute time again, this time with Thorin! Now it may appear that Thorin & I are at odds a lot of the time, but just keep in mind that friction can be good.


Meet Cute: Thorin Oakenshield


1.) What was your first impression of me?

in one word: Stubborn

but did you stop to ask for directions? of course not.
did you stop to ask for directions? of course not


2.) What is your idea of a truly romantic evening with me?

this one is tricky, because I know your limits. if we go out, the same thing always happens: we go to a movie, you leave the theater crying. no matter if it’s a romantic comedy or a superhero flick, you cry.



then you confront the first person who happens to look you in the eye, insulting them for no good reason.

was that really necessary?
was that really necessary?


your buddies show up,

when you're a Dwarf, you're a Dwarf all the way
when you’re a Dwarf, you’re a Dwarf all the way


and you all end up in jail. every time.

whatever you're about to say in your defense: don't.
whatever you’re about to say in your defense? don’t.


so. a romantic evening for us that I can actually enjoy, is when we sit around the fire after dinner and read aloud to one another.

no, you cannot check Twitter first! ugh.
no, you cannot check Twitter first!


3.) Something that you’d like to change in me but don’t have the nerve to tell me

your friends. find new ones.



4.) Which 3 parts of my body are your favorites, and why?

all of this:

no explanation needed.
no explanation needed


and your sword too.

that isn't a body part...
‘that isn’t a body part…’


5) 3 qualities that attracted you when we first met, or once you got to know me

you’re strong, arrogant, and have a knack for annoying people without even trying



6.) What is our favorite movie to watch together, and our favorite song?

our favorite movie is Reign of Fire – you like fighting dragons and I like Christian Bale, win/win! our favorite song, on the other hand… I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself that it’s We Will Rock You (but it’s really Heigh Ho).


7.) Fruit or vegetable I resemble, and why

a Chili Pepper, because you’re hot headed

alright, I probably shouldn't have revealed your favorite song. but c'mon, that shit is funny. admit it!
alright, alright! I shouldn’t have revealed your favorite song.


8.) Our first date, where did it take place and what did we do?

it took awhile for me to agree to go out with you, but you kept creeping around until I finally gave in.



for our first date you took me to a family dinner. I spent half the night in the kitchen, washing dishes with your rowdy nephews



while you where off who knows where, doing who knows what with your cousins.

I don't even want to know...
I don’t even want to know

that memory still makes me mad! you suck!

yes, Dear.
‘yes, Dear’


9.) If we hadn’t met, where would you be right now?



10.) What was on your mind the last time we were intimate?

your sword.

oh, yeah
Oh Yeah


11.) What was the first thing we said to one another?

you ordered me to take your cloak as soon as you came through the door. I dropped it on the floor and walked away.

it was the start of a beautiful friendship
still my favorite memory


12.) What do you like the best about me?

despite your faults, you look damn good in a suit!