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One of the many things I started but never got around to finishing on this blog was the 55 Reasons Challenge. It was based on a BuzzFeed article that highlighted the many charming things we love about British men, illustrated by cute gifs of various British men doing endearing things. One particular reader of this blog really liked these posts and often tried to give me a nudge into posting more of them. Unfortunately, I only made it to number nine. I was thinking of this particular reader today as I read news of the horrible weather that the state of Texas is enduring, due to Hurricane Harvey. I touched base with her on Twitter to see how she was doing (she’s okay and so is her house) and then I thought that maybe I could finish the ’55 Reasons Challenge’ just to make her smile. Although I won’t be dedicating separate posts to do this, I will illustrate each trait with a gif/image of Richard. That’s 47 pics of Richard! So, SnowyJo, this one’s for you:


10. But they also look phenom with little on at all.


11. That self-assured self-deprecation.


12. The way they can so pull off ginger.

I’m sure there’s ginger in there somewhere…


13. Seriously. Red-headed Brits are hot.


14. That pensive beard stroke.


15. That look they get when they’re falling in love.


16. Their coy sense of humor.


17. Their ability to start a fire in a button-up shirt.

too literal?


18. Their sensitivity.


19. Their dimples.


20. Their good lad values!


21. This goofy “yuuuup” grin.


22. The way they know exactly what to do in tough moments.


23. Their willingness to be utterly ridiculous.


24. The adorable crinkles in their eyes when they laugh.


25. The way they boogie.


26. And the way they groove.


27. And the way NO-body has moves like Jagger.


28. The cute face they make when they’re indignant.


29. The way they smile even when they disagree with you.


30. That lil’ head-to-shoulder modesty move.


31. The way they greet you with words, not just a chin jut.


32. The way they know how to set the mood.


33. That. Lip. Bite.


34. Or the lip-bite-grin evolution.

not exactly a ‘grin’ but it makes me grin!


35. The way they take their tea: adorably.




37. Seriously, all men should always wear suits.


38. The way they can make you feel like the only girl in the world.


39. How when they say something, they mean it.


40. The way they can be just too lovable.


41. The way they wear those long winter coats with the collars up.


42. The adorable way they try on American English.


43. The way they’ll readily admit when they’ve found something good.


44. That thing where they lean back to think.

or complain. either/or


45. When they do this little faux-frown.


46. The way they get to the point.


47. Everything about this man.


48. The way they look when you take their breath away.


49. Their romanticism.


50. That thing where they wear sweaters on top of button downs and it’s like, Hello!


51. Their slightly awkward and wholly endearing style of flirtation.


52. The way they rock a bowtie.


53. Their understated, honest manner of expressing their feelings.


54. The way they’re good with animals.


55. Their emotional intelligence.


Oh. And they have accents. Those are pretty nice, too.




See Me, Feel Me- part 2

continuing on with the

I Saw Something Fine theme…

banner by MorrighansMuse
banner by MorrighansMuse

I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw John Porter looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?


“you spin me right round,

baby right round like a record, baby…”


I have a secret:

when men hit each other, I like it 😳


pair that

with bravery,




and an

occasional caress;


that’s my kind

of hero.


John Porter makes me feel



I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw John Standring looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?



at first


and a

little shy,


but like

I was worth the effort.


I kind of like the “before” hair…


I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw Guy of Gisborne looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?



What kind of girl do you think I am?


*fidgets nervously*







You’ve got something just…there



“shot through the heart

and you’re to blame”


Guy of Gisborne makes me feel



Keep Them Coming,

Richard 😎


(I bare no responsibility for any puns made out of the preceding sentence, the post title,

or the name of this event) STAY TUNED: tomorrow I try my hand at being serious 😯

See Me, Feel Me- part 1

In keeping in line with the Flash Fan Event focus of

I Saw Something Fine

I’ll be using Gifs (surprised? 😛 )

to illustrate how some of my favorite Richard Armitage characters make me feel.

banner by Guylty
banner by Guylty

I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw Thorin Oakenshield looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?


Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants, how do you think you make me feel?

like a…


No 🙄

be serious!

try again, like…


Hey! Quit showing off and pay attention!

Now use that brain of yours, I know you have one,

and answer the question.



Bilbo is always so helpful 😛


It was a joke, Thorin 😆

You know Bilbo is a true friend; doesn’t it make you want to give him a…


Yes! that was the answer, Thorin 😉

A Hug!

Thorin makes me feel like I’m

wrapped up in his arms.


I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw Harry Kennedy looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?



That’s not right! 😮


Well, it wasn’t really

your fault, Harry.





It was totally your fault and you need to make amends 😈


Harry makes me feel all light & fluffy,

like love’s first kiss.


I saw something fine

what did I see?

I saw Lucas North looking at me.

I saw something fine

how did I feel?




mixed in with

a bit of vulnerability,


along with other things 😉

and I believe in Lucas North!


Lucas makes me feel

loyal 😎


to be continued…

Conditions Continue To Look Grim

As I write this,

Day 20

of being with my kids nonstop

is waning.

*Calgon, take me away!*
*Calgon, take me away!*

Tomorrow’s dawn

will bring with it

Day 21


Tensions are running high

and frustrated tears are appearing at

closer and closer


*I don't care who started it, but I'm going to finish it!*
*I don’t care who started it, but I’m going to finish it!*

Son is determined

to channel my older brother

*pull my finger...*
*pull my finger…*

while Daughter’s voice

has taken on a shrill pitch

that only Professor Xavier would encourage.

*make it S.T.O.P.*
*make it S.T.O.P.*

My steps vacillate between

life-saving computer and X-Box timer

with the daze of a zombie

(or lovesick fangirl)

"rescue me! oh take me in your arms, rescue me!"
“rescue me! oh take me in your arms, rescue me!”

I hold out hope that dangerous winter temperatures

will rise tomorrow…

allowing me to push the kids outside

and lock the door!

*Mommy's busy trying out a new hobby*
*Mommy’s busy trying out a new hobby*

I will continue to hold out hope,

it’s the only thing

(along with various Richard Armitage fanvids)

that is keeping me sane.


on a more positive note:

we now have Ketchup!


I Must Bide

A new year is upon us, I’m approaching the 100th post on this blog, and my fan path category has come to an end as well; so many opportunities for new beginnings!

2014? yes, please!
2014? yes, please!

When I first started this blog in May of this year,

I jotted down a brief outline of the direction I wanted to go with it.

*serious and introspective? check*
*serious and introspective? check*

As things moved along and a certain tone had been established,

the outline changed to accommodate.

*serious and introspective? not!*
*serious and introspective? not!*

In both versions

the end was the day I started this blog.

*I will draw it out by only typing with one finger*
*I will draw it out by only typing with one finger*

I’ve had highs and lows with this blogging endeavor but all in all it’s been a rewarding experience that I’d like to continue. Fandom drama? not so much.

when Richard said there were "sensitive souls" out there, he wasn't kidding...
when Richard said there were “sensitive souls” out there, he wasn’t kidding…

I’ve done some soul-searching these past few weeks

regarding the various issues within the fandom and my reactions to them.

"should I stay or should I go?"
“should I stay or should I go?”

My conclusion:

I’m not sure I’m cut out for Army life 😕

me in the comment section of any blog
me in the comment section of any blog

I would still like to read and “like” with abandon

but I think I’ll try reverting back to my former ways for awhile.


What will change on this blog in light of this break in the road? The posts will no longer be illustrating how I discovered Richard Armitage but rather those parts of the original outline that I might have skipped over, mixed in with more current happenings. so… pretty much the same randomness then 😉

random Richard
random Richard

I’m excited for the year ahead and working towards that 200th post,

I hope you’ll continue to join me for the ride 😎