Fanvid Friday: Good For You

‘Good For You’ by Girl of Gisborne. I can watch this video again and again without losing that initial feeling of having stumbled upon a treasure. it’s classy and edgy, sensual and mesmerizing; it represents it’s subject very well. The perfect fanvid to coax me back into Fanvid Fridays!


[this video is no longer online]


First of all, I really like the rendition of the song used in this video. It’s originally by Selena Gomez but this acoustic version by Anton Hagman switches the gender of the lyrics, while giving it a raspy sensual sound.

The images chosen for the video are all taken from filmed versions of Richard Armitage photoshoots. the contemplative stance perfected in the Fault shoot, the sensual sophistication of the black & white  Esquire shoot, the fashion highlights of the Glamour shoot, among others.

Some of my favorite bits of editing include: the way the video chops up to match the beat of the song as Richard walks by the reflective window; how the lyric “I’m gonna wear this suit you like skin tight” is matched to a quick shot of a dress shirt stretched across Richard’s chest in reaction to his body’s movement; the slight way the film shakes and fades from the color of the taxi cab to an artsy black & white, as we hear the final strum of the song.

the only complaint I have is that it ends just as I become consumed by it! no worries though, that’s what the replay button is for…

Too Good to Be True

Music & More Challenge

14.) the first photoshoot you saw

The Glamour photoshoot


My first “posed” Richard Armitage was the fuzzy grey lapel overcoat in front of the yellow taxi cab. The hair was impeccable, the look smouldering, the face old Hollywood handsome.


The waistcoat was classic, the slacks perfectly fitted,

the forearms…


He looked too good to be true. I was mistrustful. I had to find out more about him: his work, his personality, his everyday style, before I would give in. I very rarely make split second decisions; I needed to research a bit more.


I researched a lot

and it was so worth it.


music question: the first song you heard from your favorite artist

Dead and Done by Bobby Long

I’m dead and I’m done, by the heat of the sun

and I’ll rest my hat in an autumn field.

(you can read more about Bobby on my other blog )

Then and Now: the Glamour photoshoot

After seeing The Hobbit and being haunted by the eyes

I was talking about Thorin but these eyes are good too!

I was curious to see what this actor looked like in real life. I had only seen random pictures of Mr. Thornton, and a few from Richard’s younger years. Then my friend posted the Glamour photo shoot.

At first I didn’t exactly turn into a pile of mush. I wasn’t feeling it. Although I definitely liked the debonair waistcoat and shoes, the style didn’t really seem like him.

no fainting? too bad, I could have helped with that

I feel differently now, of course, I’ve seen the video photoshoot.

So I thought I’d do a little comparison of then vs. now


Then: Cary Grant, suave & sophisticated

Now: pretty much the same


Then: shadow on face, stiff pose

Now: all I see are legs & boots

(Edit: I now know this pic is from Robert Ashcroft and not the Glamour shoot but I’m keeping it here because: Legs & Boots! )


Then: wish I could see more of his hands

Now: unfortunate association of animated dwarf hands from video – positive association of hearing his voice in video


Then: forearm, hand, stare

Now: yep, still like this one.


All in all this just made me more curious. What type of man was this Richard Armitage? Is this how he normally dresses? What other film work has he done? I loved his accent and voice in The Hobbit, how much of that was his own? Looks like it’s time to IMDb!

IMDb: a fangirl’s best friend!

Little did I know what was about to happen…

me, flattened by Richard’s awesomeness!