What’s What

My husband was watching a DVR’d episode of “Agents of Shield” recently and I decided to watch along. Most of the time I only half pay attention, usually occupying myself with something near by within hearing distance- it gets confusing trying to follow who is good, then bad, then good again. I know enough to be able to follow the storyline though so I wasn’t totally lost. At one point in the program I noticed these guys in a picture that was hanging on the wall:



I perked up and said, “hey, those guys are from the first movie!” (Captain America: the first Avenger) to which my husband backed up the program to see if I was right (18 years of marriage and he still doubts me. when is he going to learn?) Then the characters in the show started talking about fighting Hydra and how they were going to take them down even if it might seem like a never ending battle. to which I said…

-say it with me-

Cut off one head…two more shall take it’s place.

Hail Hydra!


Then I felt all proud of my geeky self. see, I know what’s what! (thanks Richard!)

this is what, and then some…


Heil Hydra

RA Character challenge

17.) Least Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

Heinz Kruger

**I have no idea what the purpose of the little cartoon insert in this vid is for but it’s the only one I could find with Heinz’s voice

I have nothing against the German accent that Richard gave Heinz, it’s not annoying or anything; most of his other accents are relatively close to his own so there isn’t a whole lot to choose from for this question!


RA Character challenge

11.) A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of a Character

Since Heinz was the villain in his story, that would then Make Captain America the villain to him, wouldn’t it?

Heinz was stealing the secret formula that turned Captain America from a slight young man, who the Army didn’t even want because he was so sickly, into a super-human who was the epitome of health. So Captain America had every right to chase Heinz down and rough him up, like he did.

try to blend in, Heinz, running with guns drawn gives you away

Oh, Look!

Heinz heard about the Disney Princess basis for this challenge and wanted to join in!

all it takes is faith and trust and pixie dust!

Poor Heinz,

looks like he was missing that smile in his heart :/


or maybe it was the pixie dust.

where’s Tinker T(h)orin when you need him?!

you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!

He Has His Moments

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

4.) Q: your least favorite character

A: Heinz Kruger

There are so many rakish characters that Richard Armitage has played to choose between as “least favorite”. It’s difficult though, because he always seems to portray characters in a way that finds me peeling back the layers and sympathizing with them.

run, Heinz, run!

Heinz doesn’t really give us a lot of time or dialogue to get to know him. I suspect he’s a patriot and a dedicated scientist, though it’s not clear which holds more weight for him personally.

he seems to be a peanut-butter lover too!

I don’t despise Heinz, he does have his moments.

smoking is bad...so...bad...
smoking is bad. so…bad…

He’s just the one I’m able to pick apart the least.

that lighter deserves a closer look...
that lighter deserves a closer look


the lighter...we're looking at the lighter...
the lighter. we’re looking at the lighter.

What’s Under Those Glasses?

I said that the first film I saw Richard Armitage in was The Hobbit but technically I saw him in Captain America first, I just didn’t realize it until later.

Heinz with gun in Parlor
take a good look, future-you insists!


Initially I didn’t like Heinz Kruger. he was the villain, after all.

Guy shoulder gif
villains need love too


His suit was ill-fitting, his glasses too large, his hair too pristine.

plaid suit
tighter is always better

As I watched the Nazi scientist observe an experiment that would turn a slight unimpressive boy into a superhuman hero, the emotions I saw cross his face hinted at more than the stiff drab man I was being presented with.

Heinz glasses

Anticipation, Awe, Determination; Heinz was going to attempt to steal the secret of that ground breaking technology for his country.

Heinz suit
Patriot or Villain?

The experiment proceeds, lights explode, chaos ensues and Heinz seizes his chance; now he’s off and running!

Heinz on the run

As he ran through the streets on those long legs, hair disheveled and glasses missing, I found myself suddenly liking him.

Lucas legs gif
the legs, they work every time

Captain America was pursuing Heinz through the busy city streets with his superhuman stealth *bites nails in suspense* When Heinz made his escape in the get-away submarine, I finally relaxed back into my seat. But then he gets plucked out of the water and thrown onto the bank like a gaping fish!

Heinz flying
watch out, he’s a slippery sucker!

Captain America grabs Heinz by the collar to rough him up and *gasp*

Capt America roughs Heinz up

THAT was hiding under those glasses?!

Before I could truly get my swoon on though, that devious Heinz Kruger poisoned himself and died!

dirty Guy
nasty business, dying all the time

Now I’ll never know if Heinz was an evil Nazi or just chasing his scientific dream. Was he a love ’em and leave ’em ladies man? A misguided hot mess?

Heinz bloody lip
I vote “hot mess”

I…just… it’s so unfair!

sad Standring gif
*nods*it is

The movie continued, the good guy won (sort of) and although I did think of that attractive villain with the pale blue eyes and wet hair after I left the theatre, I eventually forgot all about him.

PS parkbench close-up
linger on, your pale blue eyes

Why didn’t I look him up, like I often do with unknown actors who catch my eye? Would I have been open to Armitage Admiration sooner if I had?

Lucas downcast eyes/chin gif
you’re not ready, I understand


Lucas looks back with smile gif
don’t worry, we’ll meet again

I’m here now though, that’s what matters.

Spongebob worship gif