Fanvid Friday: Endlessly

multi-character fanvid by Vogon Fan Vids

Thornton, Guy, Lucas, John Standring, and…Ian. We don’t see him much, do we? I like when lesser known characters are thrown into the mix. It’s a welcome surprise.


Hopelessly I’ll love you endlessly
Hopelessly I’ll give you everything
But I won’t give you up
I won’t let you down
And I won’t leave you falling
If the moment ever comes

That first chorus really does an excellent job of capturing the eyes and the intensity that goes along with them.


and that pattern persists throughout the rest of the video too. I love the eyes. okay, I’m going to go watch it again!


Never Let It Fade Away

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 14

Netflix program I haven’t finished

Answer: Ultimate Force


this is not a reflection of the series itself, I want to have something that I haven’t watched, I guess. If I’ve watched everything that is available to me to view…then what? I’ve seen the first two episodes that Richard was in, and then various snippets on youtube.

I’ve seen this part:


so I’m good for now 😉

(original question: Netflix movie I actually watched.

I have the Streaming function though, so maybe the question should be Netflix movie that I wouldn’t have watched if it wasn’t on Netflix?

answer: Oblivion

which I really liked, though I had to watch it twice just to wrap my head around all the unanswered questions )