The Insider Access interview where the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug cast are asked to identify each other’s feet is always good for a laugh

It starts out with Martin’s wonky ankle and moves straight on into a typical shot of Peter Jackson, which everyone guesses correctly. Then when shown a photo with two different poses, Richard asks if one of them is him; I guess it would be embarrassing if you didn’t get your own feet right.

no, that’s not David Hassslehoff, Richard; it’s you!

Luckily Martin, Benedict and Evangeline all guessed their own feet correctly. Martin even pointed out that one photo that was thought to be him, wasn’t him at all but a manip instead; good for you Martin! But then he goes on to guess that Evangeline’s small stubby feet were Richard’s. Now I can understand why someone might guess Richard instead of Ian, they have similar builds thus they might have similar feet but Bennedict and Luke both guessed Richard too; were they trying to be ironic? I mean, have they not seen this man’s shoes?

It cracks me up how bad the guys all feel (and borderline scared) when they see that the feet belong to Evangeline and not Stephen Hunter! I think I would be able to recognize my own feet in a photo. My toes are all lined up nice and neat according to height, instead of that unruly second toe that breaks all the rules on most feet. I’m not sure I’d be able to correctly guess another’s feet though. Maybe I should study Richard’s a bit more, just in case I’m ever asked…