Lights, Camera, Action!

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 7

Genre of Richard’s I enjoy the most

Answer: action


I like




stoic heroes



car chases






emotional struggle



sports too



well-worn jeans…


so yeah,

I like action 😎


Boys Will Be Boys

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

19.) Q: your favorite bromance

A: Porter and Gerry

Richard & Ewen in Strike Back
Batman & Robin

While looking through shots of Strike Back, episodes 5 and 6, to help illustrate the friendship between Porter and Gerry; a different scenario started taking shape in my mind. John Porter, big brother, takes an unruly Gerry off his mother’s hands for the day:

Boys will be boys and they like to play games, no matter the age.

Gerry searches for Porter

After an exhilarating romp, they relax in the shade. Gerry tries to bore Porter to death with facts found on the internet: “the soft-drink 7up contained Lithium, a mood stabilizing drug, until 1950”

Gerry reading handheld device
Porter could really use some Lithium right about now

Porter makes Gerry hand over the phone, claiming it will now be an electronic-free afternoon.

Porter holding out cell phone

Their next game, Capture the Flag, gets out of hand.

Porter tied to post
a Scottish accent is sexier than an English one. say it. Say It!

Porter eventually gets the upper hand again.

Gerry rubs wrists together
oww! why you gotta be so mean?

Gerry then tries to convince Porter to let him practice his knot-tying. Porter doesn’t fall for it.

Gerry hold up piece of leather

Gerry wants to play Hide-n-Seek next

Porter, hands over face
498, 499, 500! ready or not, here I come!

which ends up getting them horribly lost.

Gerry looks over vista
electronics could be very handy right now, just sayin’

Porter is so stressed by this point, that he doesn’t protest when Gerry discovers that his special canteen isn’t filled with water.

Gerry drinks from canteen
just don’t tell Mom

A decision he soon regrets.

Porter drives from exploding stone structure
no, this is not “just like Temple Run!”

Porter has had it with Gerry, and decides to cut their day together short.

Porter gestures with raised hand
if you weren’t my little brother, I’d…

Needless to say, the ride home is filled with tension.

Porter and Gerry in jeep

True Character

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

9.) your favorite character pics

John Porter:

eyes: windows to the soul

face: battered pride

straight nose: unwavering spirit


Lucas North:


face: unapologetic

hands: casual, but poised to act

setting: with partner, but acting alone


Guy of Gisborne:


drawn bow: vigilant

scattered path: lost

face: fearful


Harry Kennedy:

hands in pockets: casual

face: unconcerned

stance: friendly


John Thornton:

clothes: refined

stance: confident

face: indulgent


John Standring:

face: concern

hands: affection

appearance: security

“Brilliant Fun”

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

6.) Q: your favorite interview

A: Radio5 live with Richard Bacon, 2010

I think it’s safe to assume that you all know I really like the Richard & Martin 60 seconds interviews. And I just highlighted my favorite audio interview, Radio1 with Scott Mills, quite recently. So for this question, I decided to go with my second favorite audio interview, Radio5 with Richard Bacon.

Something great about this particular audio interview, is that it’s also available to us in video format. When just listening to the interview, I picture Richard sitting up all nice & straight, politely looking the interviewer in the eye, while giving his dignified answers…not the case at all!


Richard constantly talks with his hands, fidgets with his fingers or the pen that has no purpose, and he’s slouching with his elbows on the table…and I love it all to pieces! (because it’s just like me) The interview itself is enjoyable too. It’s clear that Mr.Bacon has done his research and actually seems to really like Strike Back, which is what Richard Armitage is promoting.


The interview touches on several aspects of the production: marketing, film making, plot, stunts, etc.

Richard gives a good description of what the series is about, as well. Not only the specifics of the plot, but also the heart of the story: John Porter’s struggles with being a programmed soldier vs. the more human attachments of a wife and daughter. Richard also mentions that he did all his own stunts, apart from one, and challenges us to spot it.

(jumping off the cliff into the water)


In the third part of the interview, the past-time of canal boating arises, which Richard calls “nasty”. What’s so bad about canal boating? Is the water smelly or something? Floating down the water on a house-boat with no cares or worries, sounds pretty good to me! Maybe it’s just that his favorite past-time of skiing, is seen as the opposite of that.

Then we end, of course, with the infamous “belt buckling” You sure about those “danger sports”, Richard? because I’m thinking you like to kick back & relax more than you’re letting on…

I’m Gonna Knock You Out

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

2.) Q: The role which made you fall for him

A: John Porter

the eyes still have it
the eyes still have it

By the time I saw Strike Back, I had seen Richard Armitage in a few different things already and really liked him. But Richard as John Porter just plain knocked me out!

His courage

running headlong into danger without a second thought


His ethics

never straying from his views of right and wrong

Margaret, this is "looking back"
Margaret, this is “looking back”

His tenacity

always moving forward no matter the obstacle


His jeans

no explanation necessary


He had me at…Fuck* (you thought I was going to get all sentimental, didn’t you?)


*I would just like to note how difficult it was for me to stay appropriate during this post. I deserve a medal.